Crew Lock in Air RB When Being Killed By Enemy Player

This bug has been affecting me since the Sons of Attila update where for no reason I will be given a crew lock after returning to the hangar due to being killed by an enemy plane.

Crew locks are only supposed to happen if the player leaves or crashes their plane in an air match or leaves early without exhausting all spawn points that can be used in a ground match.

This bug can be very annoying as you are being punished by the game for simply playing the game, and now you cannot use any other preset in that nation until the lock expires. You also cannot use that plane right after exiting the current game because it is crew locked.

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I’d say this could be reported as a bug, but damn, how fast are you dying to have this happen?

And with regards to it, have you spectated the match for a minute then quit rather than just going straight to hangar?

the deaths aren’t happening quickly. In my experience this doesn’t seem to be very time sensitive. I can have a game where I survive 5 minutes and get 3 kills and then someone kills me and I’ll get a crew lock.

I usually don’t spectate the game because I have no interest to see what happens unless I am in a squad. Even if I didn’t spectate though I shouldn’t get punished for leaving after I was killed.

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When the server hamsters are unimpressed with your performance, they sometimes don’t want to see you again for a while. ;)

You should report this to be real, that shouldn’t be happening if you are getting kills and dying to an enemy.

It could be the time though, so maybe spectate for a minute and see if that improves it.

How would I report this for a bug? I did not see any option when selecting for the post originally.

You can go to this site to report bugs

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I have found that if you go ESC → “Return to Hangar” then you get the penalty, but if you wait until you have the orange button “Return to Hangar” you have no penalty.

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Right and as long as you can j out you have to and then return to hangar.

Yes This is very annoying

If you do something in the match you shouldn’t get crew locked in ARB.

So… I just got a crew lock after being the last one in my team getting killed when I was ran over by half the enemy team on my stock f-15.

Not only was I killed by someone at the end of the match, I essentially was in the match till it ended.

Awesome trying to stock grind the f-15 with a pair of aim9L while getting a horrible WR and getting a crew lock as a reward too