Crew lock, continuing issues

Just got my Strv 122A. Been playing fairly steady last few days, pumped to play this tank. Joined a game this morning, random ground realistic, which loaded up very slow. One of those server issues…
Me and my single teammate ran to cap A and B. I capped B and an enemy spawned in, got the drop on me and killed me. I’m currently using a single crew for grinding out this tank, and clicked to return to hanger. My only possible option (except drone, but I don’t use those) I got back to hanger with a full 6 minute crew-lock.

I have a currently negative review of the game. For crew lock issues. These issues persist, even though this was a secondary system added to supposedly “help” other issues… folks, respectfully, if you do a thing to fix a thing and it creates another problem, it’s not a net positive. You’re not helping, it fixes nothing and penalizes people like me, who did nothing wrong, I’m only playing normally. This is a continuing issue. After 12 years of playing, I’m simply not going to drop this. I’m doing nothing wrong and have never cheated or taken advantage of any game mechanic. My stats should reflect a very mediocre player, who obviously hasn’t been doing anything fishy. I have more respect than to do funny business in games.

I’m a grown up person. Gaijin, time to grow up. I’ve given you money and thousands of hours of investment. Is this really how you would treat a loyal player? If this isn’t resolved, then it’s obviously yes. I can think nothing else, if the issue isn’t resolved. After all this time, we’ve seen these penalties increase in nature and number.

I get crew locked for literally no reason, scouting doesn’t work, even if you shoot and hit then scout (target in wide open field), and we get a penalty for the scout not working!? What’s next? Everything seems to be trending 60-40 negative to positive. It’s easier to “get in trouble” in this game, than it is to just simply play it. I’m already paying repairs, buying premium account time, like just playing the game becomes a chore / expense. Where’s the part where the game is to be functionally enjoyable? (slightly sarcastic) I don’t mind losing a vehicle. I don’t mind losing a match. Don’t rub my nose in it though.

I’m having trouble featuring what the point of any of this is. After a few thousand hours, less than half of which are from steam, more than 11 years of playing your games, dating back to even Wings of prey… c’mon guys. Grow up. Fix your problems and move on. Disrespecting players is becoming tragically common and very casual. Be better. Do better.

Fix your crew-lock mechanic, or remove it.
Fix scouting, or remove it.
Why can’t we shoot through passenger vehicles anymore?
Finish the animations of battle chests being opened, BEFORE entering the next match. Or don’t have them auto open when clicking “to battle”. Common sense stuff guys.


If you’ve been putting up with this for 11 years then you already know the answer to your rant, er… questions.
But I hope you feel better now.

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i hope you know and have seen that MANY players think that your playstyle (only bringing one tank and leaving as soon as you die) should be punished. the game is ment to be played with a (at least almost) full lineup of tanks.

regarding your issue of crew lock i think you are to quick to leave. spectate for a few seconds and see if that helps. otherwise try to bring more tanks and play more per match. i have NEVER had this issue with a full lineup.

Edit: if you use the drone and get a kill you might get enough spawn points to spawn in your tank again if you have backups.

Ive seen some posts disliking 1 tank line ups

Search ODL (one death leavers) on the forum, there are many threads.

Why not just bring multiple vehicles into a game?

If you ruin others game by ODL, it is only fair the game makes you wait till that games ends before you ruin another one.

It does not ruin anything for anyone. People have this weird psychology quirk where they just assume any bad thing probably only happens to them, lol. Well, it doesn’t. One death leavers are just as much on the enemy team as well, which HELPS you.

There might be a slight temporary imbalance for like 2 weeks after a big new premium gets released. But overall, you’re helped just as much as you’re hurt, it doesn’t matter.

More importantly, the game explains quite clearly to you that a tank you took out in the last match is not supposed to be locked, so this is a straight up objective bug. Whether you think it should be a feature or not, it isn’t, it’s a bug. Bugs should be fixed, especially ones directly tied to expensive premium vehicles people paid for.


Nonsense… It absolutely does…

To have half a team decide that within 5 minutes of starting the match that they’re already quitting, makes a problem.

And that’s if they even brought more than one tank, instead of the basic 3 crew slots that every player has.

That prejudice, and ‘choice’ on thier part, makes the team at a disadvantage, so much so they should almost be in thier own ‘league’…

And equally often, the other team has half THEIR team quit within 5 minutes, and it helps you by exactly the same opposite amount. So overall, you are unaffected in your success by one death leavers.

Your logic only works if somehow you are a special snowflake and that the game has decided to put YOU specifically in every single team full of one death leavers, every time, and never put YOU specifically on the other side.


Don’t even try with this both sides nonsense, it’s the fact that it even happens, and in the severity that it genuinely does that makes it clear that it is actually a problem.

Crew lock just needs to be removed, it only existed to control your progression and prevent you from getting more RP per 10 minute than Gaijin wanted you to, because nothing gives Gaijin nightmares like players making actual progression does.
Since they dropped the 10 minute limit for RP gain, crew lock makes no sense at all, but like many systems in this game, they’ve been ignored for a decade, because this game is barely held together and it’s just masked by endlessly adding new vehicles to distract from the mess.


I don’t think that’s the sole reason for it being there, and to be frank, it needs to be added to in regards of the ODLs seeing how much they impact a match by thier passive playstyle.

The game is also ruined if the the other team quits.

Although I like to win, what I really like is a good game.
If a large portion of either team quits the game is spoiled.

It all being one side then all being another side is just the simplistic “cartoon” rhetorical example anyway though. In reality, usually there’s some on both teams in the same match.

Meanwhile, the person who got 8 kills and survivor on your team might be a one death leaver who simply didn’t die that game.


This method you’re trying to minimalize the issue, is quite ignorant to the effect of it happening at all, let alone to one team…

Players aren’t psychic no matter how much they proclaim to be, and them bailing out is mere passive, and pessimistic play…

They deserve the crew lock, and the avoidance of the crewlock by running one vehicle should be seen as abuse if they have other vehicles that would fit into that lineup.

“Why aren’t you having fun?! YOU WILL HAVE FUN” beats players with a cane

If people aren’t doing what you want them to do as a developer, the fault lies 100% with you (the developer, not you-you here).

Make spawning multiple vehicles the most fun thing to do, and one death leaving will completely vanish overnight. That is the ONLY proper way to do it. Punishments do not work in a video game, people will just quit and you lose revenue. Most importantly:

Being able to take out your vehicle as many times as you want, without artificial scarcity “backups”. This right here would stop like 90% of one death leaving, it is almost the entire reason it happens:

  • Would stop everyone who is one death leaving to grind a specific vehicle most efficiently

  • Would stop everyone who just wants to play one specific vehicle at the moment.

  • Would stop everyone who only has one vehicle in the BR

There are a few who leave to avoid repair costs for an obviously doomed game, or because roflstomps aren’t fun, and it’s already a roflstomp. For those, they should already be getting better due to the “per minute repair” change recently, but also things that make the game more tense would address a lot of that. Such as having a fixed number of spawns, not SP-based spawns (like in arcade), so that the winning team doesn’t snowball and you get fewer roflstomps. And removing CAS = way less roflstomps…


You have more slots than just one, and you proclaim about the backups even though they weren’t mentioned…

The fact that people do queue with just one makes your throwout about people only having one dismissable… It’s not like EVERY ODL is a single vehicle user by necessity… It’s very much often by choice.

You minimize the impact, because I feel that you actually do this… It’s almost like you’re wanting to validate it because you don’t want it to be acted against, when it needs to be.

Players aren’t psychic, and you do have other vehicles, even if they aren’t of the same BR… It’s not that hard.

That’s because it does not benefit the team or your pocket. You lose more leaving immediately than you would if you played no matter if you won or not. It also means your team is now at a massive disadvantage and will likely be encircled before getting flanked and killed losing you the match.

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Crew lock needs to be reworked, your punishment for 1DL is being forced to 1DL your next match.

It makes no sense.


Exactly this… Choose to leave one match with ODL, forced to ODL the next, then have your entire lineup ready to go for the third…

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