Create a gap between ww2 and cold war vehicles and tech

I commend the actual “this is what trees would look like” parts, and this could be gathered together to form an actual unified suggestion (so clear on exactly what is on the table, year cut offs and placements etc).

Now all “they” need to do is collate, revise, ask. But I get the feeling this is another niche group expecting action without them doing anything (the other got better but took 6 years).

Apparently Sim, AB, and RB, all work out exactly the same… oh well…

The Strv 103 would beg to disagree :)
also yes there quite literally is a council its called gaijn because its their game


Yeah, that was the most thought i have seen which was nice to see.

Maybe they will have one person manage to do the work. Although i am not sure how far it will get with getting support.

The argument of “era seperation will still be balanced” clashes with the “oh that tank will suck? Too bad that is historical”

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Where does “historical matchmaking” Start and end?

Does it end with “this vehicle could have conceivably fought this other vehicle”? Or is it strictly vehicles that at some point fought another in a battle? Is it a age gap restriction?

I just dont get how the word “historical” In terms of a matchmaker would point to anything other than re-enactment

Edir: anyways, decompression would be nice. The Tiger 2 H and Tiger 2 (p) just arent equal, same with many many other vehicles


The most common style i have seen is based around the year of introduction. So whenever the first fully finished vehicle was made, i think. I am assuming probably +/-X years for mm.

This would just create large unequality

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Thats matchmaking by year. So its wierd to me anyways to describe it as “historical”

And do you have a counterargument to it?

Most heavies are completely fine. The only ones that are suffering are the M26 (should be classified as a heavy and moved to 6.3), IS-2 and/or IS-1 (they’re just at too high a BR), Ro-Go (too high a BR, somehow lol), and ARL-44 (too high a BR).

Simple era divide. Vehicels devloped at a certain time would face there counter parts. so lets say somthing from 1940 woudl fight its counterparts from 1940 in a BR system as it is now.

You would not see 1940 vehicels fight 1950 or 1960 vehciels right now. Those would fight there counterparts in the proper BR.

So large sets of vehicles in the current game would be made irrelevant.

Also how hard are the limits of “an era”? Is the T-54 perfectly eligable in fighting the Jumbo 76?

No they are not, multiple times it was said that each era would have its BR system. So you dont have maus vs T34 situations. Its like your brains all skip that part or you omit it so you have somthing to complain about.

Sorry, i dont read 700 posts threads before asking question about something to someone who is advocating a specific thing they wish were in game when i want to learn what something is.

Anyways it would appear you are asking for something very different to what Warthunder is today. Have you tried playtesting it in custom battles to prove its efficacy?

Everyone knows exactly how BR spread should look like for it to be historical and reasonably balanced, where again balanced means that every vehicle can do something and isn’t completely useless. Some vehicles don’t fit in the game at all, like artillery for example. Artillery isn’t used like tanks, it being even in the game makes the game look like a circus or like a little silly game you play to kill some time in the bus.

You’re saying it can’t be done, because you can always find some very old tanks that fought some modern stuff irl. It definitely doesn’t make it impossible and you know it, you are just looking for excuses.

Everyone knows that historical mm means the BR of a given tank should be based around when it entered service, when it was used and when it started appearing in large numbers, in that order of importance, depending on the specific tank’s history. That’s why BRs shouldn’t be managed automatically, but by humans, because historical mm is not 1 dimensional like performance-based mm is.

If a certain tank was used for a very long time, you can do just that, no one stops you from putting a Panzer 4 into your lineup with Leopard 2s. If you really wanted to, there could be 2 exact same Panzer 4s, but one being at WW2 BRs and the other being at Leopard 2’s BR.

Re-enactments are scripted, games aren’t. Historical mm in a game means you get a chance to experience for yourself how did given tanks perform irl. It would still be a game, both teams would still do their best to win. You’re trying to belittle historical mm, saying it’s nothing but a bunch of losers trying to act out a scene, where their favourite tank destroys everyone.

Tank-on-tank engagements were already rare, but in terms of design the German ones were generally more brute force with no real thought put into them :P

Imagine designing this amazing “wunderwaffe” of a heavy tank and having no good crew to put into it because they all died when the last one combusted, while the Sherman you insult has the second best crew survival rate of any WW2 tank just behind the Churchill.

Edit: Also, your average German soldier absolutely loved getting his hands on things like M1 Garands and Carbines. There’s a reason they captured allied gear so much instead of throwing it to the wayside ;)


Let us remember 🤔

  1. Tell me, which games have a multiplayer, realistic damage models, historical mm and graphics at least as good as War Thunder’s graphics. Enlighten me, I genuinely want to play them, but to my knowledge they don’t exist.
  2. Telling realism fans to fu… get lost is ok, but telling the same thing to casual players isn’t, because you’re rude and they just want to have fun. It’s funny how that works.

Gunner HEAT PC, Enlisted, Arma 3, and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (from a basic google search).

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There’s already world of tanks for people that don’t care about realism. Go play the game already built for you.

War Thunder was at its peak before HEATFS and all these irrelevant minor nations were added.

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nope, its just 2 tanks and pve only

ok that one can pass, borderline

nope its utter crap, the vehicels are most basic HP sponges even with “tanks” dlc. Dotn get me starte at the fantasy setting.

nope WW2 only and only a few vehicels.

I mean the T-54s were from 1947. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they performed decently given the war likely was bring anything and everything out of storage-> families etc. Since it was all usable and would kill or provide protection. Unsure where you’re going with this.