Create a gap between ww2 and cold war vehicles and tech

Thank you for you long and polite post.Due to you good manners i will reply

While the 75 on the maus is very very potent it should not be used as the excuse so that the maus fights cold war IFVs with ATGMs.I have killed BMPs on a good day even on 1000+ m with the HEAT on that thing but 90% of the times unless theyre bumrushing you dont stand much of a change and you will get penned and damaged either way.

I cannot enjoy a br if 70-80% of my games are pure suffering due to technology clashes that shouldnt even be there.

Pattons are average i agree but still much more potent in the right hands and are still more advanced than the average ww2 heavy.

I had the same mindeset back in the day when i played the maus.If i couldnt kill absolutely everyone with it even on a bad day i wouldnt stop playing it.But i got bored of playing repair and fire extinguisher simulator and i went to low tier :D

Still BR1 is far more fun and ok even with those anachronistic designs with very few game braking vehicles compared to 6.7-7.7

Regarding your story with the tiger 2 i can agree that if you play extremely well you can do a lot of stuff but i dont like sweating in the games i play.Even if its not sweating that kind of gameplay requires a lot of energy to pull off which i cant put on the game constantly.Im not asking for war thunder to become brain dead and an easy mode game (i mean top tier is that) but the amount of vigilance and readyness required in 6.7-7.7 is unreal compared to that required in 3.7-5.0.In higher than low to mid tier brs you have way more mobile and strong tanks in very very small maps so you have to be extra speedy to a point that is impossible to consistently keep up.I want to play a game and have a balance of reaction times,strategy,vehicle is fighting where and what it should fight.Currently at 6.7 upwards the balance is broken and all points go to reaction times and playing at 100%.
I could also go in the tiger 2 p (i have more games in this one) and get regular multi kill games but id leave my pc with anxiety and feeling tired because theres no balance like i mentioned earlier.

Yea heavy tanks are really good anti flankers and thats in what i excelled as well.I also agree with the flank thing you did since ive done it too plenty of times :D People underestimate the speed of the maus (yes it 20km/h but its consistent).

Man the IKV is bad but that doesnt mean we should have it fight toddlers.The gun is too good for its br and that shouldnt be the case.People bring ww2 vehicles to fight mbts im certain that they could make the IKV work against the t54 or the leo1.Many vehicles in the early cold war have mostly just HEATFS going for them what difference would this one tank make ?

Yea i was being hypebolic (no joke) but theres a dose of realism in that.Why is the t55am1 at that br ? Why does it have the ability to go all the way to 7.7 ? Isnt that a tank that outclasses everything in those brs that shouldnt be there ? Why is the t114 6.something ? Why is the m56 scorpion 6.something ? Those vehicles can perform perfectly fine at 8.0-9.0.Shall i also bring the leo2a4 to fight the t44 ?
Youre smart enough to understand what level of realism im advocating for and ive stated that before.I dont want tiger 2s vs shermans or ultra realism to the point of calculating armor quality and deficiency in spare parts.
CAS is broken on 5.0+ and we could have a tank only game mode but thats another thread which already exists.Especially on top tier theres people that play their ground vehicle for maximum 3 minutes and then proceed to kill half the enemy team with a ground stricker (same goes to more than half the american playerbase playing the shermans that once they die spawn multiple p47s and what not killing everything in their path).

No the game started as historically accurate.Planes would fight planes of their era and the same went with tanks.It wasnt 100% accuracy because that doesnt exist in any game unless players make some custom mode/battle.

Sim battles are accurate for the most part.You could face late shermans and IS1s etc etc with the late panzer 3s and the opposite which is how things were.You may do that in totaly unhistorical places and also have some fantasy vehicles here and there but it mostly works.I dont play regularly sim cause the brs i like are not that often available.If it was 24/7 available i would rarely leave it

The discrimination of perfomance is the joke.The t114 doesnt need to be low yet it is.The t55am1 doesnt need to be that low yet it is.The japanese ww2 medium designs dont need to be that high but they are.The panzer 4H doesnt belong to 3.7 but to 4.3 yet thats where it is i could go on and on and on.Performance supposedly is the filter but it honestly isnt.The filter is whatever gaijin wants it to be.

I had forgotten this kind of discord servers/groups exist.I will take a look at them and may join for some games once in a while.My hypothesis is mostly tested in sim though and in the fact that i intentionaly uptier vehicles that most wouldnt uptier just to fight what they would fight.I have killed jumbos and is2s with panzer 3m and i have contributed to the team.It is doable and i enjoy the challenge.After all you dont fight ungodly enemies,they just have more armor and sometimes more gun with overall simmilar fire control systems,speed and survivability

The game will be made far harder if my idea is implemented.People in those late ww2 brs will have to relearn how to play (especially if we remove CAS and a get a seperate game mode).Currently if you own anything with speed and HEATFS in 6.7 all you need is to flank and shoot people gun mantles/guns like in top tier and then UFP them till they die no matter their vehicle class (light,medium,heavy) and get away with it.And if they die they can always spawn a fully loaded with bombs plane and kill you again and again and again with no punishment.Tank rb by the way

You barely see type 62s anyways

Here’s the thing right… Maus would be facing M48s and T-54s regardless IRL.
Historical matchmaking makes Maus face M48 and T-54 just as it does now, cause they were made in the late 1940s.
Centurion Mk3 as well.

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Yea but i guess it would also get upgrades to stay competitive or some type of E100 would take its place

We have the E-100 its the same BR. And the Maus as is continues to be competetive.

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E100 is owned by so few it may as well be considered non existent

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Both the Maus and E-100 were owned by so few you might aswell consider it non-existant. Yet every October (at 7.7) 50% of the team is Mice rolling towards a capturepoint and it would continue to be that way under any realistically acceptable “historical matchmaking”