Cow Victory Mark

According to some internet rumors, the pilot of this aircraft said he was performing a Close Air Support (CAS) sortie by means of its GAU- 8/A Avenger 30 Mike Mike Cannon in an enemy village at an undisclosed location. Nicking off bad guys and such. Afterwards, when the ground troops came in to secure and get the final kill count, they found a cow blown to pieces by 30mm freedom hotdog.

Can we get the Cow victory mark added? :)


Add a cow hidden in different arb maps and you have to shoot it with a-10 to get victory mark


If you want the “Cow” victory mark added, make a suggestion for it in Suggestions → Skins. That section handles all the skins, 3D decorations, and decals.

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Plenty of new vicotry marks should be added. Current ones are from ww2 era.

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