Countermeasure caliber size choosing

The loading of different caliber countermeasures is done separately.
Is this implemented yet?
How do i do this?
I play Sweden and i’m currently using the JAS39A, i can’t find anywhere where this setting is done.

if your plane carries two different calibers of flare (ie regular dispenser + BOL in the JAS39C, or the F-5E) you will just have two sliders, one for normal caliber and the other for large caliber. I dont have the JAS39 but I do have the F-5E, and it carries 10 large CMs and 30 normal CMs so you get two chaff/flare sliders

Oh, i read it as being able to choose large or small flares to be loaded.
The IRL JAS39 has the choice of large or small (and giant) flares to be loaded into the planes body so that’s what i thought this new function did.

after finding out what size flares excist in game the JAS39C can carry Large, standard and BOL (BOL flares are the only ones that are considered “small” in game)

That would be cool if they made the functionality of countermeasures more detailed like that. Varying effectiveness based on the actual model and caliber of the flare/chaff used, CM dispensers having different capacities for flares or chaff packets (ie the IDS Tornado’s pair of underwing dispensers carry a combined total of 56 flares and 1040 chaff)

So if you load flares into both the small and large sections do you happen to know the usage priority? Does it drop all the large first then small, or does it drop them paired?

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I think they are dropped pair. I haven’t actually paid attention to it, so I’d have to test it quickly to be sure


And if it’s all integrated?

are there even planes that have different sizes of flares where all are integrated?

Yes, my premium baguette has both large and small integrated and not in BOLs and I am unsure of if the 48 larges go before. after, or in sync with the legion of smalls.