Count number of teammate has selected location spawn

I think Gaijin should add a number to indicate quantity of teammate has selected location spawn in case there is more than 2 spawn location on the map when the match is at the prepare stage.



So an entire team doesn’t get dumped into one or the other spawn point? Often on top of each other and creating traffic jams.


in some match, there are 2 spawn point, with 3 cap zone, it’s need to know how many teammate spawn at each spawn location in other to equalize member for each cap zone.

like if i saw a lot of teammate spawn at location A, then i will spawn at location B so i can defend when enemy try to flank.


I like the idea. Did you put it into the suggestion part of the forum too?


no i didn’t, can you do it for me, i had never put it

No, I think Strg+C and Strg+V is something you can do too.

i saw another player has posted same idea with me

Link: Beginning of Match Spawn Point Numbers

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If I want to see where people are spawning, jumping into spectator mode then back to vehicle select makes my map show all the blue icons. Not exact numbers, but I can see roughly which spawn point most of my team is going to.

Apologies if this is a known thing/not what OP means, I am still just a innocent noob here 😀

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They will still prefer their favourite spawn.

it’s not about force them to pick select spawn location.
it’s about the way you will play, what play style should you apply.
Ex: when you are alone, you can play defend, let them cap and try to prevent them to flank to other cap

no, the idea is see people are spawning before the match start, not re-play it

Yes, i do it right at match starts when everyone is first spawning in

You can see how many people spawned with you on minimap or just looking around.

Players will still choose their favourite spawn…

You can just wait 5 seconds and see where everyone spawns before making your decision.

Most people spawn in the same places. Aral Sea is a good example. Everyone will spawn to the west at A with maybe 1-3 on the other side.

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5 seconds is enough time for enemy to rush into cap zone or hull down position, this will be a big disadvantage.

but it was known after you had spawned, i want to know before it, so if the other spawn location was few people, i can choose to spawn at other to try to equalize or plan something to prevent enemy from flanking after they took the cap.

anyway, i think it’s good to give a number player spawn at location

and 1 more, some map are actually big now, it’s will cost you like 2-3 min to get to the location to prevent flanking…

No…it’s not… some larger maps like Fulda in heavy tanks take a few minutes to even get to a cap. 5 seconds isn’t even enough time to drive out of spawn…

Moreover, if you think the key to winning a game is caps, then you arent playing right.

Anytime someone makes an ignorant statement I quickly understand why just by looking at thier gameplay.

Already was suggested.

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the point is how you plan the way you will play.

don’t make it personal dude, if you don’t like this idea, u can just skip it, no need to comment

Searching player’s gameplay =)), this isn’t prove any point for this idea =)))