Could we see the AIM-7P soon?

The AIM-7P (Block II) Sparrow

The AIM-7P was an upgrade to the American Sparrow missile. Built in 1987, it featured many of the same components as the AIM-7M. But it had one major (Game relevant) difference, a datalink! This would allow the sparrow to act similarly to the R27ER in-game, being able to reacquire targets instead of self-destructing a few seconds after losing them.

This would make top-tier US Aircraft more competitive at BVR, (Allegedly NATO’s strong suit) by fixing the loss of tracking and downright goofy behavior the AIM-7F/M often suffer from, along with increasing their usable range substantially. In the interim between now and the BVRAAM update, giving US top-tier craft a competent long-ranged missile should help give some amount of competition to the R-27ER

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I would rather see the AIM-7R. It would actually have an advantage over the R27ER.

7R got cancelled, and US doesn’t need an advantage over the ER, just a buff, as they carry 6x AIM-7s on F-14 or 2x on the ADF but that thing sucks so whatever. 7P would give US an actually competent missile at range unlike the current suicidal sparrows or anemic phoenix. Especially since you would be able to reselect a target after launch, which the phoenixes cannot do.

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You bê a nice idea, seens we are closer to the su-33 and f18, the su33 can use 6 r27ER like the f14B can use 6x aim7P

Great idea but i think it still slower than R-27ER

Even AMRAAM cant beat R72ER when it comes to pure speed, only Phoenix and Meteor missiles can do that.

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please add this missile in the next update with the F-16C gaijin. please for the love of god add this missile.

The AIM-7R would be honestly ridiculous since an IR seeker on top of SARH would be annoying to fight. The AIM-7P is fine.

You mean R27T/ET ? :)

I guess F/A-18C Hornet and F-14D Tomcat from US Navy get AIM-7P in the future