Cost To Research Vehicles Is WAY Too High

I have over 5,000 hours in the game, and i still have about 20 vehicles in Each nation to grind/get still…

  1. I am quite good at the game, so i get above average research
  2. i Do play ALL nations, and while that is mostly a good thing, it means that im only about 9.3 in All nations (i do have some top teir vehicles, but only a handful)
  3. I play 99% tanks, so its not like my 5,000 hours have been a lot in planes or ships, further making the fact that i do not have ALL ground forces researched by now completely ridiculous.

Hopefully the “Research bonuses for new nations for players with top-tier vehicles of another nation” helps this… Considerably.
Imo, it taking more than 2,000 hours to get ALL vehicles (of a certain tree, ground, air, naval, etc) is again, Ridiculous, absurd and unacceptable.

other Solutions would be to give us a TON more RP bonuses for playing games (kills, assists, caps, etc), or just Greatly reducing the costs to research vehicles.

We should get TEN times the amount of research points for vehicles, that we currently do (or the research cost should be reduced by 10 times the amounts, especially for vehicles rank 4 and up)

The Penalty to using lower ranked vehicles to research higher ranked vehicles, should also be removed, entirely.


that bonus research has been announced to be implemented later (or not at all) since they said that with kill bonus is huge boost.

Solutions are easy, but premiums sales vehicles would drop

i doubt they would drop, at all

It’s just a joke, no reason for the grind to be this obscene, have played this game for 10 years and still feel like I’ve barely made a dent in the amount of vehicles in the game because they add entire nations to the game and more vehicles than you can research, and then they add more, and half of them are copy paste as well.

Especially ground forces being 2-3x worse than air for no reason as well.


Yup, i agree.

Ive played this game for years and years… Sure if i went premium it would help, quite a bit, but still (i did do about 2 years of premium, which ironically i didnt play much, maybe 1000 hours, and then 4000+ was non- premium)

but still… Even a free to play player, and someone bad at the game Should be able to Unlock Everything at 2,000 hours, or so… … so it is beyond absurd.

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Even with premium AND premium vehicles you’d still spent thousands of hours.

yeah, i figured, but i meant instead of me having about 20 vehicles remaining from every nation, id have 10 or less, from each nation.

Either way… it is absurd how long it takes to research things. Especially starting at tier 4 (3 arguably)

I don’t understand this obsession with wanting ALL vehicles.
On the other hand, Gaijin understands this very well and plays on this frustration that you create for yourself.

Opening a thread with such a misleading statement is not helpful. Fact is, you still miss over 1000 vehicles total. So you should make clear right away you are refering to tanks only. (You word it more precisely later.)

I don’t want all vehicles, but even grinding out a single tree is absurd.

no, because it is applicable, and not misleading AT all.

obsession? thats an exaggeration

i am Interested in having all ground vehicles, and even most planes.

Regardless, my point is, what game where if you put even 1000 hours into it, isnt beaten or has everything unlocked ?

Dude sorry but games where after 1000 hours you still don’t have everything there are hundreds of them eh…
Come out of your bubble for a bit.

You said it, you want all the vehicles on the ground… Which is… Your choice, obviously it’s going to take you an extremely long time and I don’t see how spending 1000 hours will guarantee you the right to have everything lol .
The game is not designed for a player to own all the vehicles, now if that’s your choice don’t complain about it

dude… No…

The point , and the problem, is that they simply cost WAY too much… 10 times too much… especially vehicles after rank 3.

Again… name me a game where after even 1000 hours, you do NOT have everything unlocked?

Lol you want games:

-All the World of Warcraft;
-The serie of World of Tank/Warship
-Eve Online
-Diablo 4

There are dozens of them, seriously, you have no video game culture?

Yes it takes time. Don’t you understand that it’s F2P and therefore that they are playing on your frustration so that you put a little money on the line to grind faster?

In fact they understood very well that people do not know how to be content and have fun with what they have and that people will always seek to unlock the next element.

It seems that the fun in games only happens once all the vehicles have been reached lol.

" War Thunder is the free cross-platform military MMO game"

First sentence on the store of the game.

An MMO, regardless of the subject, will always require a huge amount of time, more than necessary, to unlock the majority of the content. This is the design of this type of game

no, i WANT them to greatly reduce the research points required to unlock vehicles… As i have stated.

If only putting money out there actually solved anything, I barely feel premium is worth it because progression is still just ass.

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For that you have to know how to express yourself correctly and I say that without offense.

But when, for example, you ask me several times for games at +1000H to unlock everything, it’s understood that it doesn’t exist and then I give you several, we hear nothing more about it.

And you say you have 5k hours of games. Sorry but did you realize now that the grind was super long? At some point you still know what you’re doing, right? Are your actions at least thoughtful?

And once again, to hear you, the pleasure in games only comes once you grind an entire tree lol. It seems like we’re not having fun with the vehicles of the first BRs. You have to stop always wanting to unlock everything to fill whatever gap you have in your life. Some are obsessed with unlocking the next vehicle and literally spoil the gaming experience by blocking themselves from enjoying the present moment because “you have to grind grinder grinder grinder” lol

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Well, then you lost your credibility. You just intentionally turned your unprecise statement into a blatant lie.