Cost To Research Vehicles Is WAY Too High

For most people, that is when it ends.

1stly - I generally disagree we should get drastically more RP as we do now
2nd - we do get kill bonuses now, which is a move in the right direction
3rd - speaking of moves in the right direction, after years of suffering Gaijin will finally remove drastic RP increase for the last/high-tier vehicle in the tech tree line
Unironically another win for the snail!

Now, I do agree high tier vehicles do get exponential and unreasonable jump in RP time required.
Low tier vehicles are getting researched too fast, and high tier too slowly. Even with this change implemented I would still love to see some drop in RP demands for last 3 tiers of techtree.
How much? Up to debate but here’s the good place to start.

In this list you see the tier, typical RP cost for the MBT and (reasonable number) imo, in parenthesis
Tier 4 - 50k (this is good)
Tier 5 - 100k (let’s go with 80)
Tier 6 - 180k (120 max)
Tier 7 - 380k (250 max)

This would make research high tiers harder, but still not brutal as it often is now. There are TOO MANY vehicles in war thunder atm to impose this draconic hard to get RP policy. People would still play and pay, no worries.

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buying premium is a good start

I don’t think the problem is only the amount of rp they cost but how much rp you get for doing good like I got 1st place with the scorpion and I only got like 1k rp like wth its tier 5 why am I not getting more rp without prem???

I also got 7 kills

yup, that would all be good changes, for the most part

i slightly disagree that we are getting low tier vehicles too fast, especially if you think about it from a new players perspective, but again, only slightly

even the tier 4, 5, 6, 7 reductions could be even less, and im hoping the proposed changes make that the case, but any improvement/reduction would be good

You don’t need to “HAVE” every vehicle (thats just money you earn in battle), but you basically have to RESEARCH every vehicle upwards from tier 2. If you want the choice of 1 of each AA, SPG, Light Tank, Medium Tank and Heavy Tank as you proceed up the tiers, then YES YOU DO have to at least RESEARCH EVERY VEHICLE. The game will not let you research a higher vehicle without researching the one below which also takes ages.

I guess you should inform yourself about the RP system. SL is basically handed out as you expect it, but RP follows another rule, which you have not yet realized.