Correcting unequal matching

The matchmaking system is played by teams consisting of BR +/- 1.0. The maximum number of players in the top BR is four and the minimum is zero. I play BR 11.3, but recently I have noticed that when I draw a full bottom battlefield of BR 12.3, I often do not see more than 11.7 fighters on my side.
Four F-15s, several F-14s, etc., etc.But we only have 11.3 here.
I’m not saying they should be matched with the same BR, but the current matchmaking system is clearly broken.
My point is not about the need to adjust the BR width, but about the number of players who handle TOP BR in the formation of team.This will not necessarily be the same for both teams.
Imagine a team that owns only BR 11.3 jets fighting four F-15s + F-14 etc etc. This is clearly unfair and a problem that needs to be corrected.
My amendment would be to make the players with top BR equal on both teams.


This is somewhat a matter of who is playing what at what time.

Since you do think that it is broken, what would be your suggested fix (don’t say +/- 0.7 BR, that breaks the game’s entire matchmaking and BR system and would require every vehicle’s BR to be reworked).

Ideally it should just be impossible for the distribution of top tier planes to be entirely on one team. I’m not sure how hard this is to implement in the matchmaker but as long as there’s at least a couple on each team it would be fine. Even just making sure there’s at least one. I’ve been seeing this a lot at 11.0, and it’s especially rough because the only way to estimate what BR you’re at starting off is to look at your teammates, so often I’ve gone into the merge thinking we’re at 11.7 and then suddenly run into Fulcrums and Vipers.

Does this mean our BR system is too heavy and can’t have any significant improvment anymore?( except for BR adjust and extend)?

Imho your described phenomenon is nothing new and not related to higher ranks/BRs. The performance gaps are sometimes way too large with the 1.0 approach.

Just ask some fellow prop players trying to start the Israeli TT with the 3.3 S-199. If the are lucky they have one or 2 BR 4.3 Wyverns with them, but usually those poor guys run in usually 4 French or USSR Yak-3s - and get totally stomped. Even as very experienced player you need sheer luck (see Defyn vid about S-199) as you can’t compensate your performance disadvantage with skill.

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It is because it would be a change that would basically throw out all of the balancing data they have collected. It could be done but players would not be happy until they can collect enough data to rework all vehicle’s BRs, probably 4 months minimum.

Increasing the BR ceiling and changing a vehicle’s BR are basically the only way to rework the system without breaking it.

I mean war_Tinder has a point that ±0.7 BR spread would break the game and would warrant rework.

With 0.7 BR spread

9.0 vehicle can see 8.3 in downtier and 9.7 in uptier. Nothing out of ordinary.

But 9.7 vehicle can see 9.0 in downtier and…10.4 in uptier. Which doesnt exist.

And 9.3 vehicle can see 8.6 in downtier, which doesnt exist, and 10.0 in uptier.

You see the issue?

Decompression is much easier to achieve.


It’s the same in Naval. There are matches where enemy team has 3-4 top tier ships while while ours has 0-1. I’ve seen matches where enemy team has 7-8 TOP TIER ships (BR 7.0) while our team had 4-5… and, of course, I was the only player in a BR 6.0 cruiser. The rest was bots. There was also a match where there were just 4 players on each team, 3 of them BR 7.0 and I was the 4th one in a BR 6.0 cruiser. I just exit these dumb games, as it’s a waste of time for me. Gaijin cannot even make a proper match these days.
I’m stuck in the +0.7 uptier hell forever now. The whole concept of BR flies out the window and becomes null and void when MAJORITY of your matches are never ending 0.7 uptiers. What’s funny, a full downtier (that I get once in a blue moon) 9/10 times means a steamroll loss. No matter how many ships you kill, they just keep on coming while my team derps around. You can clearly see that one team is unusually strong while the other (mine) is just n00bs who can’t find a fire button. It’s a blatantly skewed match that should never be in a normal game.
What sucks, you could be 1-3 place on the team, but lose 4-5 matches in a row, but still be uptiered up to whazoo. This match maker makes as much sense as the current state of Naval after the recent “update.”

9.3 would just see 8.7 in a downtier. Nothing wrong about that. Definitely better than 1.0 spread.

If you want decompression and lower BR spread, there is a simple solution to this: make BR steps 0.2 and the total BR spread then 0.8. This would solve so many problems, especially in Naval where playing +1.0 BR is a total nightmare now. Add to that new battleships that will come in at BR close to 8.0 and you will have WWII battleships being bombed by Korean era jets. Yeah, makes total sense.

They need to redesign the match maker from the grounds up. All the silly stats mean jack squat when you can make everything upside down with armor or shell in one stupid update that breaks everything, just like we have in Naval last couple of days.

Thats BR spread of 0.6 tho.

Even better, lowest BR vehicles will be happier in that match. Why should you have all the fun as a top BR in the match? You can rebalance certain vehicles that suck in a full 1.0 uptier and are OP as a top tier in a match.
With let’s say 5.0, 5.3, 5.7 and 6.0 you already have imbalance, as these steps are uneven as well (0.3, 0.4, 0.3).
Overall, I prefer the 0.2 steps route and the 0.8 spread. Lower BR spread and decompression at the same time.

Excuse me, but i think you need to elaborate on this.

What vehicles suck in full downtier and are OP when they are in full uptier?

Is there for example a 6.7 vehicle that gets better in 7.7 game?

It’s almost 4 am here. Of course I meant “suck in a full uptier,” as basically I said the same thing twice (both cases being top tier). I’ll fix it, so there is less confusion.
However, there are some tanks that do better in an uptier than downtier. At some higher BRs you have less armor (pizza delivery cars) while in a downtier you have heavy armored tanks. Fast shooting cannons shred these while killing a Tiger II or IS-3 not so much.

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Get some sleep then, this convo can wait.

Finishing up the task for Naval before it ends in 3 hours. Just have 3 more matches to go, as that’s my daily medium task for BP as well lol. Was taking a break, as I got sick of the constant uptiers.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have added the supplemental information.
What I see as the problem is not the range of BRs, but the inequality of the team composition.This seems to be a problem not limited to 11.3, but the number of players with top BR can clearly differ between the two teams.
My amendment would be to make the players with top BR equal on both teams. Just that.

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Why not 4 x 1, 4 x 0.7, 4 × 0.3, 4 × 0.0. Instead of 4 × 1 br with 11 × 0.7 higher

Instead of a ±1.0 BR spread, a ±0.7 BR spread would be that of vehicles seeing 2 ‘sub’ BRs higher and lower than themselves, instead of seeing 3 ‘sub’ BRs.
For example, 9.7 vehicles would see 9.3, and 9.0, as well as 10.0 and 10.3, instead of 8.7 and 10.7.
By reducing the range of vehicle BRs a vehicle can face, the less likely moments such as Tiger II Hs facing M4A3 (76W)s will occur.
Of course, at the moment, facing 1.0 BR higher vehicles than your own isn’t a always a death sentence, as skill usually can prevail, but less domination over games by higher tier vehicles in matches should be preferred, in my opinion.

The only drawback I see from this is that the matchmaking would be much longer, but I think this is a reasonable trade-off.

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What’s the problem about this thought?
Why do you think with a tighter BR range the whole BR system needs a rework? I think quit the contrary. For me it’s a solution for fairer matches without touching the BR system at all. The only problem could be the amount of servers.


Your ammended suggestion is something I absolutely agree with. Having only a max of 4 top BR planes on a team is nicem but having a max 11.7 team face a team of 12.0s and 12.3s is insane.