Cooldown time for rage quitters

Players who leave the RB except heli rushers in the first round without spawning second verhicle should be have cooldown time for 30 min in all nations and the timer increase 30 min everytime if they keep rage quit everytime. The timer would reset after 24h.

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What about computer crashers

That’s an absolutely terrible idea

Crew lock was abhorrent to begin with
You should be ashamed of yourself


I thought I’d read all kinds of nonsense by the end of the year, but here it is.

Look at the mirror pls then speak first. You would be the first one who would rage quit if you get kill in open maps unless you find it normal that people rage quit in 16vs16 battles leaving the entire team because you can’t accept that get kill by sniper accros the map. Is not the typical spawn campers near your spawn that forcing you to quit instead you quit because you get kill by someone who spot you and kill you.

Same as Gajin rules you get time to reconnect back to the game for 10 min.

Yes you’re right I’d definitely leave a match if it wasn’t fun
My fun > Staying in a shit match

Its a fucking video game, I am not obligated to stay in it if I don’t want to
There should be ZERO leave penalty as standard matchmaking isn’t ranked or competetive


You leave anyway as soon your tank get shot or someone else rage quit and you are right you aren’t obligated to stay but if you rage quit because you can’t handle it then you should not play RB instead play SB.

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No I’m talking any reason whatsoever
No penalty
Shit map?
No penalty
Shit team?
No penalty
Team full of low level high tier premiums?
No penalty

The reserve trick years ago was one of the best bugs to ever happen to this game

I don’t care if someone rage quits
Or left because the match was bad

Unless you’re playing clan battles or some kind of tourney mode there is no reason to have crew lock other than to unfairly inconvenience people
And remember @Sytryse the original solution to crew lock was to have them pay GE to end it
But that backfired pretty quickly iirc

Enduring Confrontation should be available for both RB and SB without question btw
Some of the most fun I’ve EVER had in this game was in EC

Well its not gonna happen ever due to premium vehicles.

Also why would heli rushers be spared if they don’t spawn any ground vehicles in RBGF?

Heli rushers have just enough sp to spawn for heli unless they kill enough op verhicles to spawn second verhicle.

So why should they be spared if they can get enough points to spawn a vehicle but they decide not to?

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I doubt how many heli rushers are succesfull in they heli rush if you are not using KA50/52 to get enough kill for second verhicle.

Completely irrelevant. Its their problem.

I can also bring only one vehicle.

Paying GE to unlock crew is going to kill Gajin trademark and result into player drop.

You give me the reason for not having penalty is so bad that you would quit any battle for 99% in AB and RB.

WT battle:

Bad map: 80% change
Bad team: 90% change
Low lvl team 75% change
Prem verhicles: 90% change

You would quit anyway and it seems you can’t handle it at all then you should play custom games instead.

Imagine getting crew locked by being unable to spawn into a match because you were stuck in the loading/spawn screen…

aka “eSport Ready”.


I’ve played the game for going on ten years now
You’re clearly utterly wrong

Have a good day


Now i feel old…

Gaijin could implement a minimum 3 spawn rule and it still wouldn’t stop people leaving, alt+f4 exists.