Control Mode for mouse set to view - how do I make it control head movement as well?

I’m trying to get a head tracking type performance from my mouse, and I want to set it up so that when I move my mouse left or right it moves the head as well as the camera view. How do I set this up? Are there any war thunder technical mods or something that could help me with this?


U can do it with software, the one used very often to control the stick with mouse in dcs and il2( it set the mouse movement as axis inputs). Still dont know if u can do it without any external software.
But good luck with the idea! Seems like it would certainly help to keep track of planes in your six

I will try to explain how I use it. I bought an airmouse used for work presentations (moving cursor, passing ppoint slides during a lecture). The antenna goes into the front USB port of the PC and the mouse itself is fixed in a hat. Mouse set to “view” inside game

it’s the closest I’ve gotten to a track ir. but a lot cheaper

disadvantages: I need to define a button on the joystick for pilots head return to the center. It takes training to “look back”. unlike track IR, the mouse moves up and sideways, but does not zoom in or out of the cockpit. It is necessary to make this zoom movement with the joystick. hope it helps

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I believe that is the best you can do, sorry

I see. Sounds like a pretty fickle set up tbh. I’m not necessarily sure if this is what I’m looking for, or maybe I’m misunderstanding.

I have no problem just setting the mouse mode to view and using my left hand, works pretty well imo. The only issue is that Gaijin won’t let me use the mouse axis like joystick axis. Interestingly I can bind my head movement left/right to joystick rudder axis, and use the left mouse button to enable it, but then I lose rudder control when I need to look behind my plane.

So yeah, if you intend to use the mouse also as axis values, the software is the way to go. It also doest seems to be difficult use it(and yeah, in my ps2 controler i also use head movement and turning in the same axis, it’s very convenient)

Would this affect my actual joystick’s inputs? Also what’a the name of the software? might perhaps be worth looking at.