Continuous Wave Inverse Mono-Pulse Seekers Should be Immune to Multipathing Above Water

Based on basic radar principles and radar bands, water absorbs or scatters radar waves and doesn’t reflect them at the wavelengths seen in game.

This means that there should be no or a very small amount of multipathing returns from the water’s surface. therefore radar missiles with this seeker should be able to hit the target accurately whilst the target is above water.

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While I do agree that it should be fixed if it’s not realistic, I am also of the opinion they should not be buffing SARH until they fix air RB as a whole at top tier to limit missile spam. Staying low is the only way to stay alive atm.


Please remember that this only affects missiles and radars above water, so it’s effect will be seen much less in normal air RB.

That’s not quite right. The publication “The Phenomenal APG-63” even specifically mentions multipathing effects over water, page 46 in the PDF. However, it’s effects in game are significantly magnified as in UK Skyflash documents it specifies being effective down to 15m over water. Similar altitudes are also mentioned for other monopulse systems over water.

Do you have a link to the documents? I’d love to give them a read

If you throw that title into Google, it will give you the PDF at the 3rd result. The UK documents are somewhere in the AIM-7 discussion either here or in the old forums.

I’ve seen the Skyflash docs, thank you

There are a LOT of maps with water rn at top tier.

where water is the center of the map? where players actively hug the deck?