Constant uptier

Does anybody else noticed a disgusting amount of uptiers lately?

And when I say disgusting I mean it. I played like 25+ battles today and everytime, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! I got an uptier, ussually full +1.0, sometimes +0.7. This is borderline mathematically impossible!
After hours of suffering I was so angry that I made a decision that I am going to just immediately leave the battle if it was a full uptier. And then the game hit me with a triple combo, 9.3, 10.3, and 5.7 all three of my lineups got a full uptier, and that was the final straw, so I got here to rant.

Did they mess up the match maker? Is this some event grinding “Gaijin special gift” to make us suffer? Did I anger the gods? Am I losing my mind and just tripping? Am I the only one who got cursed?


I had my first downtier in a very long time the other night, was a pleasant surprise. Now, the aircraft I was in was still totally outclassed even in a full downtier, but it was a nice surprise non-the-less. My experience is ground is not much different. No matter what, its always full uptiers


Uptiers to me, seem based on the most popular tiers that people play.

So 9.3 is uptiered a lot to 10.3, since there’s simply so many 10.3 vehicles.

7.7/8.0 goes to 8.7 a lot due to the huge 8.7 Soviet lineup.

5.7 goes to 6.7 due to the big 3 all having solid 6.7 lineups etc etc.

10.3 is relatively safe in my eyes, however I have been getting a lot of 11.0 Type 90 spam recently.

9.3 is the most uptiered BR in the game due to premium spam.

Stop playing BRs that get blackholed into a perma uptier its that easy if you play 9.X you’re guaranteed to be thrown into 10.X

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You’re not wrong, lately the uptiers seem brutal no matter what BR I play. 7.0 = 8.0, 9.0 = 10.0 etc. I will say that the only way to have some peace and quiet is to wind up with a “botfly” special task, then you will be struggling to get into uptier situations… and yes, I think this is deliberately done by gaijin, and its a pretty crappy thing to do to your player base in my opinion. There should be a way to control the level of uptier you are willing to play. I’d propose the following along with corresponding penalties for the adjustments:

  1. Players that choose to play up to 1.0 higher should receive a %15 bump in rp and SL
  2. The default “uptier” should be reduced to .7 higher increment unless the option described above (#1 is selected)
  3. The player should be able to choose to play at up to only .3br higher but incur a 25% rp & SL penalty

Not only would this improve player moral and keep the matchmaker working quickly, this would also artificially help with BR compression. If people think there is some merit to this idea, I’ll put together a more formal proposal in suggestions.

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Yes agree… thanks to F-5C with its historically inaccurate countermeasures :D

I like that you said “Lately” lmao .

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