Console users should not be able to use Tracking camera in Ground battle(RB)

It is unbalanced that console users can use Tracking Camera against aircraft in Ground Battle (RB).
Basically, in RB, enemy aircraft are not marked with markers, so they must be tracked by SPAAG radar or visually.
However, console users have Tracking Camera enabled, which is not available to PC users, and there is a feature that allows them to select an enemy target and press the Tracking Camera button to automatically focus on it.
(PC users cannot even select enemy targets to begin with.)

I understand that CS users have some operational disadvantages compared to PC users, and I don’t think Air Battle’s Aim Assist feature, for example, hits the problem.
However, RB’s autofocus function is almost as good as SPAAG’s radar, and it is a magical feature that makes it easy to find hidden aircraft.
This is not very “realistic”. It is not an arcade battle mode.
Shouldn’t Ground Battle (RB) remove the Tracking Camera feature?


Meh as a console player I agree but I honestly dont use it much myself and dont care if it goes for most part it dont help much but for sure certain times you can snapon to a player you didnt even see lol … Can only imagine what it would do with 3rd party aim mod ( ive got many dirty replays of certain people using spaa who obviously using something)…

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It’s an even bigger problem in Squadron battles where people deliberately bring in console accounts ( with m&k plugged in) and abuse the system that way.
While I do not support the straight up removal it should definitely be toned down

I play both consoles and P.C . I think mouse aim is an advantage for pc as enemy tracking is for consoles. I think it’s a great Idea.

This is a “dumb scary newspaper headline” level of non-issue. It doesn’t matter and it’s barely useful. I mean, sure, remove it from Ground RB, but it’s not going to fundamentally change anything.

Edit: Oh, this was a necro. >.>

Causes a lot of problems when you xoom on a tank and you gun follows a plane because pressing A also locks target a few moments earlier