Console Access to Live, Marketplace, and Forums

I’m a PS4 player who recently connected my account to computer and downloaded a user created camouflage because that feature has yet to exist on console as well as access to forums, the live website and marketplace. Is it possible for the devs to add these features in an future It’s fixed or QoL update or implement them somewhere in the roadmap for late 2024?

I’ve been playing since 2016 and would like to see these features accessible for console one day because they are very beneficial to a majority of the player base and overall provide an outlet that both devs and players alike can use to communicate issues to discuss issues and ways to improve the WT experience.

Gonna have to ask Sony on this one

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The issue actually lies with the console makers. They have a lot of stupid restrictions and requirements. Very few developers have been able to break them - the biggest that comes to mind is the Bethesda workshop.

They don’t want external revenue going through their system and they also don’t want injectable code they can’t vet.

It is not probable that what you ask will ever happen…as said above, needs a change in Sony policies.

In case you don’t know, you can migrate your PSN account into a PC account. BUT it is something you can do only once and cant go back…the idea would be to play only on PC from then on.
(I believe this was stopped but was recently resumed, not 100% sure)

Nope. Consoles will simply not allow it

Devs would love to… but… currently out of their hands