Conquest is too complicated of a game mode for players

I know, i still try, because i advocate to do so ^^"

Conquest presents a single point for players to attack. When this single point is offset from the spawns it fails to create stable battle lines and as the playerbase’s average intelligence is incapable of freely engaging targets it generates lopsided battles which are a waste of everyone’s time.

If you can not see this behavior then I recommend you spend more time ingame.

Literally the worst mode in the game. 0 Work put into it, breaks almost every map because the maps where designed for 3 caps.

Make proper maps for the mode and it will be fine

So far this month you have called for the removal of both one cap and two cap maps. I look forward to your call for the removal of three cap maps next week.

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“two cap maps”

Battle requires attrition of the enemy team as the capture time is too long for defense to matter

I’m sorry that Gaijin has failed to develop engaging game modes which function in War Thunder’s currently gameplay.

I feel this has been given too much attention as it is. The matter-of-fact is that no, it doesn’t need to be removed, worked on, yes, removed, no. It’s a waste of time for others and yourself when gaijin’s attention on this thread is the same of a toddler and a boring tv show. They don’t care. It’s a few of the only skill based match type in the game, if your calling for it to be removed because of others incompetence, that makes you the bigger advocater for incompetent people and makes you look dumber than they are.

It’s a waste of time for Gaijin to be trying to fix a mode when their current attention should be towards map design.

Conquest is War Thunders version of Run & Gun like in most popular FPS games, the kiddies love it. Mosh pits with all the fat tanks and bomber spam, lines of wanna be snipers who can’t hit anything or magically never miss and the usual flankers ignoring the cap and rushing the OpFor spawns.

Conquest is popular as there’s zero tactics or teamwork to deal with unless a clan or two with chat are in game, just a brawl with which side has more heavies and air spawns to win.

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If you,Vamilad hate this game so much why stop playing, go to touch grass.

The consistency of the OPs issues makes it clear about the actual problem that is being exhibited here…

‘I can’t possibly be having trouble, it’s absolutely the game/map/vehicles/modes/premium/other players at fault…’


You forgot the part where he goes “i would not of died if X didnt kill me so they need to remove X.”


I think you kinda proved his point with that. Just don’t know how or why you would, because it seems like you’re against him. But yes, it does require skill, maybe not much, but the more skill and effort put in, the faster the defeat for the enemy. A great example for this mode is Abandoned City, it’s not a great place for armored combat, mostly because it’s urban, but with very simple tactics and skill, it’s not an issue.


Ho boy.
The game mode isn’t bad because of complexity - It’s not complex at all.
It’s bad because it’s either 1 static OBJ on garbage maps or 3 static OBJs on garbage maps.

To make things more interesting there are things that can be done like making the OBJs dynamic and move after x amount of tickets are drained using it or after 3-5 minutes. Additionally, the maps need to be completely redone.

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My point which I made poorly I’ll admit is it’s the popular game mode for the crowd that’s more prone to spend money in game. If Gaijin wasn’t profiting it wouldn’t be there. Little in this game to the players advantage , it’s about catering to short attention spans and quicker turn over to keep people online playing. Personally I’d love to see more 3 cap point games like it used to be.

Keep in mind my comment is targeted at Arcade play, suspect the OP’s was also.