Conquest is too complicated of a game mode for players

This game mode is too complicated for the majority playerbase. It should be disabled.

It is legit the least complictated. One cap. Should stay in game.


One cap which completely removes battle lines which makes for lopsided smashed games that are boring.

The game mode is too complicated for the majority playerbase and should be removed.

I agree there is no real line, but also, it just matters who gets the cap first usually loses because they wasted their SP trying to push up instead of waiting out for the, let’s just call them “geniuses”, to waste all their SP trying to continually push up the line. It’s not really a “difficult” match so to say, more of just a “different play style” match. What I would call a “light tank scramble” to take the position, lock it down, and then move in your defensive MBT/TD’s to position and just hold out until the enemy can’t spawn anymore. Then, once your defense is in position, your light tanks are able to move freely and flank the flankers where the lower mobility tanks can defend themselves.

Skill issue, git gut.


Yes that’s exactly my point. The majority of the playerbase does not have the skill required to play this game mode thus it should be removed or restricted.

Personally, i dont just drive directly to caps so the game mode doesnt get rid of my ability to flank. I usually flank around an cut off the enemy re-enforcements to allow my team to work on the tanks at the cap.

We already have the problem of limited game modes.

That’s essentially the only tactic you can use, like the one I stated.

I do not have the ability to implement SBMM.

Honestly tho, why are you complaining about this, it’s just free SL and RP if you play against them, if you’re with them, 🫡. (I am talking about thread creator, not you)

I’m not the one complaining, I like conquest mode.

Thread creator, not you.

And yet we are all here because Vamilad lost a conquest match and has to cry about it.

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The reason I created this thread was because of the observed problem. I’m sorry you wish for the game to remain in a negative state.

Look, it has its ups and downs, if you get on a team that doesn’t know how to play it, teach them the ways, if not, then I guess so. But helping the player base is better so that the rest of the player base that knows how to play them seems better than just making it easier

You want to remove one of the few gamemodes that we have for over 10 years. Maybe instead of wanting to remove it, propose something to improve it?

Like maybe push for gaijin release a “practice” or “tutorial” videos for these types of maps for people who don’t know.
And look, I’m not saying it should get removed, and I’m not taking sides, but it doesn’t need to be removed, it just needs some knowledge to be shoved through the thick skulled people that think they know how to play those maps, and then wonder why they have a - K/D

If gaijin listened to him, we would have one game mode and all 9.7-10.7 tanks gone

Gaijin has proven consistently they are incapable of producing good maps until this has changed the game mode itself is irrelevant.

Conquest compounds the issues of Gaijin’s map design, it should be removed as triage.