Conquest is too complicated of a game mode for players

I am seeing the same problem in all game modes. Teams usually over push, get killed, respawn, lose cap, don’t have the advantage anymore and die to the team that was at a disadvantage 2 minutes ago. If the team instead defended it would have ended in a win.

Nothing exacerbates this more than the Conquest game mode when the point is lopsided.

If you are incapable of judging the general performance of the playerbase then I would suggest playing the game more eventually you should be capable of understanding the general flow of the game.

i am not, you just are the most miserable of the wt players, you constantly complain about war thunder multiple times a day with multiple topics, why the hell do you even play the game if you nearly hate everything about it

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To be honest if the BR and the game mode is too hard to play why keep playing you complain about things that don’t need fixing

What are ya speaking about?!

If it’s lopsided, don’t remove it, fix it. This game is like a old car, it’s got some broken things, but nothing that can’t be fixed or replaced, in this case, it’s not a completely scrap part, but a fixable one. Or a tank if that’s the way you’d like to think about it.

Only time I seen lopside conquest matches is when one spawn is open and the other is behind cover thats it those maps need a fix but this guy doesn’t understand

Oh I know, that’s why I have to analogize it.The best changes this last update was map rework’s and visuals, one matters more than the other.

True plus Gajin is trying hard to fix map problems but it does take time which this guy has none of apparently

Yeah, hence my last post on another one of his threads talking about BR changes and removal, and I told him to be patient. I had to use an analogy there too.

I read it I feel it’s cause he isn’t getting the game experience he was promised but it takes time and practice to get good my stats say that for myself I’m not a god at the game and I have bad matches but I don’t rage and say we need to have things removed cause oh how bad it got I just move onto the next match and try harder to improve

I agree, my issue isn’t that I’m bad, I just have horrible luck, and I just accept that. It’s some kind of curse my family has I guess. Except for my fathers grandfather, he survived WWII as a Sherman tank commander.

the game needs more gamemodes not less, also we need bigger battle on big maps with more players

I’m sorry you wish the game to remain in a negative state. I believe the game can be made better.

I don’t understand the problem…it is the least complicated of all modes. Is this thread a trolling attempt?

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your opinion on the G Lynx that its worst aspect was the stinger missles it had, not the hellfires the freaking stinger missles were your problem. your opinion is so wrong on multiple lvls

Well sadly for you, some of your wants are going to make the game even less enjoyable,…

But that’s other subject…

For this thread, the problem is on community side, and it’s community that should be “good” players need to teach lesser skilled people how to play,…

The gamemode is currently fine.

the only thing arguably that needs to be changed for conquest is a refuel point for spaas and tanks to stock up on ammo again


I just wanted to told him that he might think more before asking things…

But i agree with you on this gamemode

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