Condor APC (Rh 202) - Exported Autocannon

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TL;DR: A 4x4 APC equipped with the trusty Rh 202 20mm autocannon.


Note: This suggestion is for the vehicle appearing in all pictures presented, which uses German markings. It is not a suggestion for exported examples.


The Condor APC Rh 202’s history begins with the success of Thyssen-Henschel’s UR-416, a series of light APCs based on the Mercedes Benz UNIMOG designed for export to be used in internal security roles. Over 1000 of these were exported. This success led to the development of a more formidable and combat-friendly APC based on the UNIMOG, which turned into the Condor APC in 1978. This new APC was designed with the intention of being a heavier, yet faster and more maneuverable counterpart of the UR-416. As such, the vehicle had improved protection and was also fully amphibious. The Condor, like its predecessor, was also modular, allowing for great customizability for the customer. One of the armament options offered was the trusty Rh 202 20mm autocannon, which would be mounted in a one-man turret. Uruguay purchased the first copies of the Condor soon after it had been announced. Malaysia followed up in 1981 with a monstrous order of 460 vehicles. From here on, orders for the Condor slowed down and eventually came to a halt as more advanced APCs took centerstage.

Place In War Thunder:

Fast autocannon carriers are a proven vehicle type in War Thunder. Other than the Spähpanzer Luchs, Germany doesn’t have too many designs to offer. The Condor APC Rh 202 can act as a pseudo-equivalent to Japan’s Type 87 RCV. Though the Rh 202 doesn’t have the same penetration performance of the Oerlikon KBA B02, DM63 is still more than capable of dealing with early MBTs. Due to this difference in performance, the Condor APC Rh 202 could effectively fit the Type 87 RCV’s previous controversial BR of 7.3 very well as, in a downtier, your DM63 wouldn’t be effective against the heavily armored tanks you’d fight. In a uptier, however, you’d find yourself going against early MBTs with thin armor, making your gun suddenly useful. Of course, if all else fails, you’d likely still be an incredibly effective scout for your team. Although, this vehicle was designed for export, I think it’d make a nice addition to the German tech tree right after the Wiesel 1A4 or in a future armored car line.


Armament: Mk 20 Rh 202 20mm autocannon and 1x 7.62mm MG

Dimensions: 6.13m, 2.47m, 2.18m

Weight: 12400kg

Armor: Proof against small arms fire and artillery fragments.

Crew: 2 (Driver and Gunner)

Ammunition: Same as Weasel 1A4/Marders in-game.

Speed: 95kph (land) 10kph (water)

Horsepower: 168hp


3/4th View:


Rear View:


Line Drawing:


Army Guide

Condor (APC) - Wikipedia

Rheinmetall Landsysteme Condor Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier / Multipurpose Vehicle

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