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Hello. I had a thought in implementing another useful function of the CITV or commanders sight some tanks may have that would further expand the usefulness of the commander position. My suggestion, is to implement a toggleable and adjustable “Commander Sight Overlay” that can be viewed in a window that is visible during 3rd person view and the corner of the gunner sight whilst the commander is alive. Below is a very crude photoshop of what it should look like.

The idea is that as the commander is still alive and well, this thermal sight may aid in identifying potential targets in 3rd person. Another feature I would also see, if this were to be implemented, is the ability for the CITV to track a certain bearing and/or elevation and provide said view in the Commander Sight Overlay. This feature, would allow the tank to have 2 independent camera views, allowing certain vehicles to not only watch a position with the CITV, but also allow the player to use the gunner sight, watching a different position, and increase potential situational awareness as both views are onscreen at the same time. Whilst the commander is knocked out or in a different position, this overlay will be disabled entirely, or hidden from the player. This would require a whole new set of controls to toggle “CITV sight stabilization on position” and other controls to rotate and elevate the CITV, etc. To players who disagree with this function, this should be added as a selectable setting or toggleable function, so players that play tanks that don’t have access to CITVs and use only standard/image intensifier commander sights, or don’t like a cluttered screen, do not have to play with an interfered view of the battlefield. In addition, the size of the window should also be able to be changed to suit the player’s needs and/or thermal sight quality. To play in with the idea of realism, this feature additionally provides the importance of commanders and how having a second pair of eyes is extremely useful in combat. It also adds another useful feature for commanders and CITVs in general, giving players more reason to use them.

I hope that this may convince the developers enough to implement a functionality like this, as I, and hope others, would find it extremely useful, back to when commander thermals were essentially binoculars.
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I could see this being useful, but only if optional, like in the settings or something. Still +1

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Thats the intention. This menu, I imagine, can be extremely annoying at times due to it blocking vision, and be even more annoying to vehicles that don’t feature commander thermals or have poor commander sights. This should only ever be implemented as a setting in the Options Menu and a toggleable control to quickly open/hide the overlay.

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Pretty creative idea. +1

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Thst sounds perfect!

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