Cockpit View or No...?

Hello again,

I’m starting to think I should probably be playing in Sim instead of Arcade.

In any case, I was wondering if any flyers use the cockpit view or virtual cockpit view when playing in Arcade mode.

Forever curious,

-Nighthawk P

Happy to see more people interested in joining the Sim community, but still I want to utter some words of caution: Jumping from arcade to sim without passing by realistic may be a bit steep - but not impossible of course (also my son has done this, and it worked ok for him).

For me, I have lost interest in aircraft in WT for a long time, and always flew with the HUD view, never the 3D cockpit, as this was to restrictive.

My preferences changed however completely when my wife (bless her) got us a Meta Quest 2 VR set, an since then it’s Sim and 3D cockpit all the way! Some aircraft and Helis I specifically fly because I enjoy their VR cockpit so much (Alouette III, Hind A are some notable, otherwise much neglected examples).

So if you have any chance to get hold of a VR set - now more affordable and useable than 5 years or so ago, try it out!!!


If you’re gonna use joystick in AB or RB, I suggest getting used to virtual cockpit mode. When playing RB, I regularly switch between 3rd person view for flying, and virtual cockpit when engaging in a fight. Virtual cockpit is also nice for keeping your bearing while flying through dark clouds.

Regular cockpit is fine too, but you see so much more with virtual cockpit.

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I appreciate the advice. I probably will try realistic first, however I’ve flown many Flight Sims over the years (my first was on a Commodore 64!) so I think I’ll be fine.

Older planes in particular hog up the view in the cockpit, which is why I was wondering what people felt about it. Thanks for your input.

Also, thanks for mentioning the Meta Quest. I’ve recently been thinking about getting one. Sounds like I have a good reason to now.

-Nighthawk P


I completely agree. Switching between 3rd person and virtual cockpit is probably a great idea. The regular cockpit can be very restrictive for some planes.

I like a more ‘realistic’ feel regardless of mode, so I’ll probably experiment with the views until I find a preferred method.

Thank you,

Nighthawk P