Coastal fleet unplayable

MBK-161’s, both late and early, have the following speeds listed in the wiki - and it’s what shows in my view of them:

Pr 201K is the event one - again this ties in with what I can see on the vessel screen when I select it:

Do you have them unspaded/no engine mods perhaps?

for the 201k i need 2 upgrade for speed and after researched these I win 8 km/h for the max speed so 25-30km/h max and the mbk 161 is full because it’s the premium one and the max speed is 15 (in test sail my max speed is between 15-17km/h)

That explains the 201, but there’s something seriously wrong if you’re not getting the full speed with the 161 - maybe bug report it.

I think it’s a bug, I need to do 3 reports right now because I’m premium but I continue to loose money because of repair and replenish, in their devblogs they say it’s impossible to loose money for repair and replenish but not effected in my account

Here’s a reply where I’m 3.3 in a 4.3 game, AB - my lineup is as per the post above -

Some things I try to do/don’t do:

  • don’t directly confront DD’s unless favourable situation - mainly short range for TT’s so little chance of dodging, perhaps out coming out of a smoke screen or around an island
  • cap zones - in this case I had a task to get a series of captures, but in any case it helps win
  • be patient - a couple of times I just circle behind an island waiting for reloads
  • when a vessel dies, pick hte next one based on the situation - whether to cap zones, try to kill boats, sink DD’s - in this case I lost 2 lived then brought 2 aircraft to try to increase enemy losses while we were ahead - 3rd boat might then have an easier life

But if you must face the PR206 or the SKR with your 3.3 boats deck you are usually lost. this happens to me quite often. typical enemy deck is PR206 SKR7/1 and PE8. It also is very frustrating spawning a plane and be instantly killed by a Douglas or Freccia with their guided rockets. Fortunately this happens not very often - in the moment - but may increase after the next sale.
Another issue is that creating a smoke screen seems often NOT to prevent the enemy from shooting at you precisely- even if the enemy vessel has no radar

That is usually the case in every game in all modes where you are bottom BR and they are top BR.

Crying “woe is me” won’t change anything nor help - better to figure out how to make the best of that bad situation.