Coastal fleet unplayable

The coastal naval mode is unplayable in br 2.7-4.3, indeed all these coastal ships armed to fight against each other face Moffet, Light cruiser and all other destroyers literally in godmode in front of them, the coastal ships are one shot without even being able to remove 1% of crew from the deep sea ships. I don’t find this normal, why separate the two trees if they meet in battle. Coast ships are completely unbalanced in play, worse than the top tier. the research, as well as the battles must absolutely be reviewed, even if it means preventing the bluewater from meeting the coasts even if this should lengthen the queue time, I prefer to wait 10 minutes more than having to face after 5 minutes of waiting an enemy team filled with Moffet and cruiser against which I can absolutely nothing and having a survival time of 30 seconds at most.

PS : they face heavy cruiser too, it’s aberrant

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I find that entire BR range very playable. Not all SPAA can kill a tank and we don’t expect them to. It’s a combined arms lineup, it’s supposed to be situational. You’re basically asking for the equivalent of an all-SPAA mode.

Take out one coastal, 2 bluewater, plus planes. Play the next boat that makes sense in the context of the game. Works great.

what do you speak about ground game mode, it’s absolutly not comparable, go play 4.0-4.3 russian coastal or 3.7-4.0 US coastal and you will see it’s absolutly unplayable, how can you kill a USS Pensacola with 203mm from 10km with 2 poor 57mm ? explain me ? and nobody use planes in naval RB.
And when you play coastal you don’t play bluewater, it’s why gaijin set 2 research trees.
Do you think you can grind 6 coastal with each 270 000 RP needed for unlock their with only one poor coastal ship ? The answer is no

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50% of my games are naval (AB and RB) in that BR. I have ground out every coastal vessel in every tree save two. I have a crazy K/d and a massive win rate. Just telling you how I do it, ymmv.

Coastal vessels have weapons to deal with destroyers and cruisers - usually torpedoes.
Artillery call-in capability can also help.
The largest challenge is getting close to the bluewater vessel.

Heck, even the reserve ships can pose a threat to them due to torpedoes.
Coastal vessels, in a way, are glass cannons - very maneuverable, and can be dangerous. But of course can be destroyed even with a single hit.

Obviously, there are some exceptions - such AA ferries - are in no way to pose a threat to anything more serious than a damaged destroyer.

You can try testing ships and their equipment in test drive.

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I speak especially about the Russian 4.3 ship with no arti, 57mm or 76mm with only 100shell fully HE and little torpedoes without any damage (less than 100kg of explo) or German PR with only 30mm gun or the USS Asheville with only a 75mm single cannon and no torpédo. These shop face Heavy cruiser like Pensacola, DD like Moffet or Frank Knox and can’t do anything, russian torpedoes can’t kill light destroyer and american Asheville or 57/76mm cannons can’t do anything to cruiser or Moffet (or other HE protected DD), it’s really a problem. And they are really Big and slow.

Well, in that case, I suppose that removing blue water ships in your load-out (if You have them) might be one option - so that your only opponents would be other coastal vessels. If any planes are present, You can also try picking up the ones with lower BR.

Otherwise, I guess it’s a support vessel, whose play-style would be similar to AA ferries in German tech tree.

All naval is the same matchmaker. It doesn’t matter how many bluewaters or coastal you have, only your top BR.

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3.3 Japan is my favourite lineup in coastal. You just cant attack destroyer with subchaser, thats not very smart. Same as you dont dogfight with small bomber in Air RB…

Naval has more dynamic gameplay than tanks. Its like bringing Puma into toptier tanks to cap points. I personally bring 3.3 boat into 6.0 battles.

I’ve seen that there are maps to like/dislike (or even ban, with premium) that only have coastal vessels.
Of course, anything at, or greater than 3.3 basically puts a high likelihood of Blue-Water presence. Since, that is the BR of reserve BW ships.

Or trying to attack a heavy tank (such as KV-1) with pretty much any SPAA in ground battles.

Coastal 3.3 is one of my main games, with USSR using AGB;s and ?Pr-123’s.

Getting a task to kill some BW ships with torpedoes from boats is almost trivial there since many of hte games are against reserve BW DD’s.

And there are no Moffets in games at <4.0 BR - the OP is revealing a significant lack of knowledge.

if someone finds it “unplayable” then up to about 3.7 that’s their lack of skill issue,

However I tend to agree about the various 4.0-4.3 subchasers - excluding he SKR’s - they tend to be large easy targets for medium caliber guns and lack decent firepower. Some of them are good AAA - eg Koln & Lubek, and the 2 British Frigates aren’t too bad either

That’s only because of that map’s BR range being below 3.3. OP is talking about taking an all coastal lineup into 3.3+ games because he thought you couldn’t mix the trees in the same lineup for some reason.

Okay so play 4.3 57mm russian at 4.3 and Come after playing 20 games with these before speaking with non valable argument

So your problem is specifically with the Pr.206s, got it. Good lord I made so much money with those. Absolute SL-printers… In a mixed lineup though.

I hesitate to tell anyone they’re playing a game wrong, but…yeah. Take the 206 to the close cap, clean out everything else there because it’s that good a boat, followup spawns with planes and destroyers. You win every game (or at least 2 out of 3) because you pressure the enemy with the early cap, and you make crazy money. I could normally take out at least one bot DD with a torp along the way too.

I speak especially about Pr12412, Pr1331 and 204 who they suffer, only one turret on the rear for 2 of them and with a load of 100 HE shell with 500g of TNT and who are bigger than 206s, 206 is more playable than these

Those are all 76mm-plus-rockets boats, not 57s, and 2 of them aren’t 4.3.

The 204 is the deadliest thing at 3.7 currently because of those rockets, I’ve destroyed entire teams, RB, or AB, with it, the Bespo DD, which is a hidden gem too, and any Il-2 or Pe-3 I feel like, at least when I get a downtier. I’m basically No 1 every game with that boat, often even in full uptiers. The rockets are the key, push mods to get them.

Against DDs just knock out the turrets then put rockets into them. The real weakness of the 76mm coastal boats (if they don’t have VT ammo yet, and the 204 doesn’t get VT at all) is anti-air… Fortunately as you said earlier it’s all bots now at those BRs in RB and bots don’t fly.

On RB ? For me it’s 4.0 and all other 4.3 with the twin 57
And yes bots are really a problem and the game full or heavys like Pensacola or the Japanese one and the french Colbert is a problem

204 is 3.7 (MPK Pr.204 - War Thunder Wiki). It has a twin 76 mount.

The only twin 57s in Russia rank V are the two Pr.206s. All the rest (other than Yenot) have the twin 76 and SBU rockets.

It’s easier for people to try and offer you some tips here if you get to know the vehicles a bit better.

I’m totally sure to see 2-3 twin 57mm coastal at 4.3, i’m not at home right now but when I’m in I will do some screenshots of which boat I speak

Dude I limited my comment to 3.7 and less… where I have hundreds of games.

And I noted that higher BR vessels are indeed difficult to play

apparently you have a comprehension problem.

But even that said I field the 4.0 - 4.7’s as part of lineups with BW ships - the ones that spawn at boat spawns arevery good vs lower BR Coastals when fighting for points the BW ships often don’t get to.

So they are not actually useless