Coastal fleet unplayable

Yes I see them - as with my previous post they are good for contesting “coastal” cap points. Personally I find hte rear mounts 57’s hard to use well, but he various 40L70’s and 30mm gatling guns are also useful in this role.

I tried to play at 3.3 with 25mm coastal and what do I encounter? and uhm Marceau, Le Malin, Leningrad, only huge destroyers against which I still can’t do anything my ships have neither speed nor torpedoes so we have to stop saying that it’s balanced and playable, it’s not at all the case even in 3.3 with ships sailing at 15km/h without large caliber weapons to face ships 10 times larger, 10 times more armed and 10 times more armored and which are 6 times faster.
Gaijin need to make a barrier between coastal and bluewater as they did when adding the supersonic aircraft with a physical barrier between the 9.7 and the lower br

There is no barrier between sub and supersonic ig lol. Subsonic planes meet supersonics and sometimes the subsonics are even on higher BR, like 9.7 G.91YS vs 9.3 F-104

I speak in the past, learn to read man, when gaijin add the F104 and others they had set up a barrier in 9.7, planes above 9.7 could not encounter planes lower than 9.7, they removed it later when the other nations all received a supersonic for balance

Best part is that there are russian destroyers in the coastal tree that get coastal spawns

No I play russian coastal and their are not destroyer in the coastal tree but some ship of the coastal Spawn with destroyer

Theres the subchasers that are essentially downgunned destroyers

These subchaser have the destroyer spawn

Are you sure?

yes I’m sure, Groza, SKR and the Yenot spawn with destroyers

No DD’s get coastal spawns - the SKR’s don’t get them either.

the British Hong Kong patrol ship wit ha single 76mm gun and it’s Irish Premium do get htem and I often rack up good scores with them. I think the Flower class corvette gets it too - but not many other big ships.

But the larger Frigates in hte Briiish line spawn with blue water ships.

silly exaggerations really don’t make a good argument. There are no ships at 3.3 doing 15kph as top speed - not even the German barges, and 3/4 of them DO have decent medium gun armament of 88 or 105mm.

Which is why you need some cheap PT boats in your lineup. I use Pr-123’s and occasioally G-5. I do have a Pr-183, but I won’t send that against DD’s - it is too large and an easy target.

Lots of people use Pt-6, PT-103, LS-3/4, etc in higher BR games.

if there are lots of islands on the map you can sometimes get torpdo kills by using hte cover and smoke - depth charge kills too.

But if it wasn’t DD’s at 4.0 and 4.3 it would be Pr 206’s, 12422 (or whatever their numbers are), SKR’s and hte like in more abundance - so no actual change to the fact that it sucks to be bottom tier!

Are you sure that they don’t get coastal spawn?

Because the subchasers I have get the regular coastal spawn

Those all get coastal spawns - I wasn’t talking about sub-chasers and only mentioned that if there aren’t DD’s in higher ranked games then you’ll see more of these. IMO they don’t qualify as “big ships”

At the moment those boats are not all that common because they are easy kills for DD’s of similar BR - indeed if I’m using DD’s I’ll prioritize these because they are big and “soft” - don’t take many shells to kill.

I wlll invariably have a high and low BR torpedo boat in my presets all the way up to 7.0 - they sometimes get used when things are going bad in hte hope of getting a lucky torp kill - but not often.

I ve Mbk 141 and the mpk 201 of the event who have a maximum speed of 16km/h so no exageration

They are so Bad and unbalanced, face only Pensacola, Moffet, and Knox, they are useless

Did you notice you can’t use a plane in your line up in naval battle now ?

MBK Pr 201 has top speed of >50kph,

What is the MBK-141? Do you mean the MBK-161? Even in RB it’s max is 25kph.

I have both.

No - haven’t noticed that at all…

What ? I’ve the event one and my max speed is 16km/h in RB and the MBK 161 have a max speed of 15km/h on all of the map which I can play (all are bluewater maps with big waves)

It’s a bug that affect only some players, I can’t use my plane for japanese but i can for US