CL13s single handlely bullying entire 8.7-7.7 lobbies. Move them to 9.3 again, and put the F-104A/C with flares and four aim9j's at 10.7. Thank you

Mig15 bis same story, maybe 8.7 would be a sane BR for them (if else)

The problem is compression, move them up and they suck, move them down and they’re too strong.
Snail needs to take their allergy pills and finally decompress, but they’ll postpone it for years and then give us some worthless 0.3 increase in top BR when we need at least 3.0.


Cl13 is overtiered as shit alr, barely worth playing (at least the italian one)

how is it overtiered at 8.7? it’s literally the best dogfighter after the ariete.

He’s talking about the german variants. Those aren’t undertiered either though going by how compressed the game is currently.


??? My guy the CL13 MK4 is equal in flight performance overall to the F-86A-5 which is currently 8.0

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A worse sabre at a higher BR?

cl13 mk4 is an f25 with a better engine. That’s what they told me.

So you did not even check the aircraft before whining on the forums?

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well it has half a ton more of thrust than the a5, but according to you, it’s the same, right? Both A5 and Mk4 are stock, the F2 is spaded. F2 spaded has less thrust than the stock mk4 so my guess is that you wrong.

They were wrong. It’s basically a F-86A-5 (engine wise and airframe wise combined anyway) with an all flying tail instead of getting wing slats. (Which has pros/cons) but overall it’s just an F-86A_5.


CL-13 Mk.4 is an F-86E airframe with the A-5 engine, so in essence it is a less maneuverable A-5 sabre at a higher BR (italy suffers)

CL-13 Mk.5 is a F-86F with an Orenda engine

CL-13 Mk.6 is (i think) an F-40 airframe(?) with an improved Orenda.

weird. Are the game indicating that it has more HP than a stock f25 also wrong?

You are looking at a Sabre Mk.5
The Mk.5 gets a better engine

You SHOULD be looking at the Sabre Mk.4, which DOES have the A-5 engine.

The wrong part is that the CL13 Mk4 is anything but a F-86A-5 analogue. I do not mean to say their thrust is the same, but that their overall acceleration/climb rate/energy retention is similar due to likely T/W ratios but I haven’t looked into it that deep.

Edit: Nah they’re the same.

Honestly tapped into a problem that was raised when these aircraft were lowered in the first place,. Just for some reason Gaijin is obsessed with keeping the Ground Attackers at 10.0/10.3 really low even with All Aspect missiles. Your flareless jets (such as the F-104 and MiG-19, although iirc MiG-19s have signal flares so you know, there’s that) get stomped, they in turn stomp sabres and MiG-15s, and then they in turn get moved down.
(And before I get blown out of the sky for being absurdist, I mean every single aircraft that went down in the last BR change needs their BR reverting. A-5 Sabre, MiG-15, bis ISH, etc)

All of which is a very long way of saying “valid take”, unfortunately you were beaten to it when the BR changes were discussed. But still, nice to know its not being forgotten.

Still better than 2018

hows that

When we didn’t have AAMs and supersonic jets, Gaijin changed matchmakers from mixed/NATO vs Red team to WW2 style Allies vs Axis team in 2018 for somehow.

It was unbalanced as fuck because Axis team was almost full of CL-13A, German MiG-15bis, F-40 Sabre but, Allies had useless “top tier” jets such as A-5 Sabre, F9Fs, event FJ-4B etc even they still had decent top tier jets like F-2 Sabre and MiG-17. Playing Allies team was pure pain at that time.

In fact, some of my friends had over 90% WR on F-40 and CL.

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Yeah not a great time