Churchill tank re BR suggestion or allow m61 APHE variant ammo use, whats your oppinion?

Part I
However in first impression it have a powerful front armor according to documents but in really not can use it.
Why ? Poor mobility allow to flank him and…
…Lot of weak point added into this tank, especially the hull MG port, topside of turret which easily to penetrate a T-34/57, 88mm Flak. PZ4 serie also equiped with pzgr 40 which dangerous against churchill inside 500m. If the M4A3(105)sherman hit his turret armor in front you get a crew knocked out because HE shot penetrate the front hull armor. + easy to destroy his track and gun barell
That’s just few example when fight against lower BR tank. Not hard to hit a targer which max speed 10km/h…

Fight agains his highter BR tank like panthers, tigers, T-34/85 is a painfull fight not just in long range in close combat also. Not have an APHE variant of M61 shot so can’t defeat his opponenet(/or cant defeat them easily) who try to flank him easily.
(Not to talk 17pdr guns have 170m+ penetration skill.)
image: 88mm PZgr hit it from 500m
image: t-34/57 BR271 from 500m(if rotate it get a side shot.)
Image: if have a HE which penetration skill highter or equal with 20mm you win:

Note: Churchill crocodile: if flame tank not empty and got shot you will lost one FPE…

Image: 90% of battle field enemy tank variant:
red: 100% to penetrate and kill Churchill with one shot
blue: 70% to penetrate and kill Churchill with one or two shot
aqua: 0% to penetrate

Part II
Firstly, This shots is look like difficult according to images but in reality not really impossible. Especially in arcade battle. You can easily got weakpoint a shot inside 500 meter. In city map in CQC to got a weakpoint shot from front the chance more higher.

In realistic game mod, most case, this tank play on 400x400m maps and when moved only 400m the end of the battle already decided. Got flanked or bombed by plane or a stonger TD will hunt it. In realictic game mod, yes in this game mod a chance much slower but i saw a lot of intrested way to get killed by enemy from lower BR tanks. So eliminate it not imposible.

Secondly, yes 4.7 BR able to fight against 5.7 BR tanks thats true. In this part i want only to say, churchill if it fight as a lower BR tank nothing else just a free kill/target. Useless and can do nothing againts Panthers, Tiger, T-34/85 and other stronger opponent.

Just a bit think, if churchill as a perfect armored and OP tank, why rare his number found on battlefield?

One of the example which i meet during Realictic battle:
‘Of course just a weak T-34/76 lets finish him give him a shot… then i got his first payback…’ :


Easily to say it’s imposible until you not meet with them especially in more than 2 time in row. According to this experience i suggest to move from 4.7 BR to 4.3 BR both in arcade and realistic game mod or able use T45 APCR and M61 APHE varaiant ammo.

What’s you oppinion? Agree, Disagree(please write it why.) :)

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You also missed the front track weakspot to all APHE which bounces into the crew compartment killing all in one hit.


Uhm, sweetie. That’s not one of the big 3 nations in the game so no you will eat your solidshot and BR placement and enjoy it.

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Heavy tanks in general:
Decent armor with few weak spots.

This piece of shit:
A lot of weak spots with a bit of armor.

This tank is just useless. Competes with the Conqueror for the title of “worst tank in the game”.

Now on the question about giving it’s M61 HE filler:
Look no further than the NA75. It is at 4.3, has half the armor, and a bit better mobility.
Now, using it with the stock AP, that tank is just as much of a useless piece of crap as the Ch7. But then you unlock the APHE, and it is magically transformed into a good tank.

Mind you, i played with the NA75 in a 4.7 lineup, and my K/D with it is between 2 and 3 if i am correct. And i had several 16 kill games in it. (the K/D is that “low” due to the previously mentioned stock ammo).

Now with the Ch7, my K/D is around 1.4. One of the worst K/D tank i have. On total i had around 40 or 50 kills in it, and more than half of them are open tops killed with HE.

That tank is just truly awful.

Should it get the M61 with HE filler?

Would it be a good tank?
No. Certainly not a good tank. It would be PLAYABLE.

Will they ever give it?
No, because “hIsToRiCaL aCcUrAcY”.
In a game, where crews can magically repair external modules of tanks in 15s without getting out of the tanks, reloading 10 pieces of 15cm rockets in 10s, reloading 6 guns on the Ontos in 10s, Strumtiger reloading in 40s, 20mm HE overpressuring a tank designed to survive a nuclear blast, but yeah, making a tank playable is too much to ask.


Can I ask what your actual point is? I don’t wish to appear to be rude but I’m not getting it.

I understand the stats you post but not the actual issue.BR too high?

Personally I would take the NA75 at 4.3 BR over the Churchill III at 4.7 everytime.

I use it as an urban brawler and zone capturer.Good for Berlin/Cologne etc .People say there are few good tanks for the towns well Churchill is one. About all it is good for some may say.

I use plenty of smoke to get to the zone and once there smoke grenade like hell until the Zone is taken,Then hope I can use armour to fight my way out.It’s about all you can do with the Churchill,

Stay out of the open if you can.Don’t use it on big open maps if you can avoid doing so.

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The point is to give it APHE so it would suck less.


I should have read your post before I did mine.Agree 100%

Britain can be painful to play in WW2 BRs.No wonder they leave the Wythern at 4.0.Think of the suicide rate if they didn’t lol

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Well the Ch1/NA75 are great, as well the Crusaders. The others, like the cromwell (and it’s versions) are just plain useless.

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I was impressed and surprised by the NA75(eventually)

I do well with the Achilles sometimes,unless Gaijin punishes me by removing all hedges and bushes.I have a good game once a month in the Archer if I’m lucky.

I ended up being so p’d of with UK that I resorted to buying the Wythern and earning sufficient SP to use it by Zone capturing using the Ystervark.

Desperate and sad I know but it works :)

Well i suffered through the cruisers, and the early cents/caernarvon, but the Vickers MK1 and Cent MK 10 are just awesome.

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Despite being British I don’t play UK much now. Am I right in thinking they dropped the Comet back down to 5.3 from 5.7? I used to have a good line up with Challenger A.C IV and Comet.Might go back to using that.

I only just bought Centurion one at 6BR and need to know what to use at 6-7 BR and what to avoid.

I do agree with the OP.
Historical accuracy is laughable in WT considering how little immersion there is in the game and maps so roof mounted MGs should be included and explosive filler for WW2 tanks.

Well i skipped the Mk1 att together. Same with the Charioteer, Tutel, Shitbarn.
I “played” (i mean suffered) with the Mk3, Caernarvon, and FV4202. And i grinded them with the Comet, Challenger, and Avenger. And this 6 are truly awful. But as i said, once you get the Vickers and the Mk10, you will enjoy them. With the Mk10 i had over 4 k/d (until they fucked up the BRs, and faced constantly against 5 Obj 279s, cuz balance).

Oh, the Conqueror is also trash. And i don’t know which one is worse… the Churchill 7 or the Conq…

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Mmm…it’s not good.Might stay as I am :)

Oh dumbasses and their balance fixation.All it does is create unbalance .

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Wyvern went up actually, not to 4.7 as it should be a minimum but 0.3 higher than last few years.

Very easy to dunk on in GF though due to lower alts and smaller battle zone meaning you just need to bleed it of energy and perform loops around it. If it runs it isn’t doing damage.

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Some of my fave vehicles, but possibly more for giggles. Mk 1 was an added later vehicle for me and actually really like it as use it as a (slow) battering ram supplemented by excessive use of the smoke round.

Somehow I kept a positive K/D in my Conqueror too, which is actually better than I used to think. However AP keeps changing and is worse than when I spaded/played it.

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Yes the Wythern moved lol ,only a couple of days ago I think .Famous last words by me lol .
At least at 4.3 it fits the 4.3 line up available and the 5.3 you can make now they dropped the Comet back down.

I don’t mind too much as the Wythern still works as CAS up to 5.3.Come in ,drop a couple of bombs get shot down :) and that miserable Churchill III and it’s miserable British friends still have air support.

I have over 2 K/D with the Conq, but that is due to the fact that it was my last spawn in the matches i attempted to spawn with it. If it were my first spawn, my K/D would hover over like 0.8.

From the ~90 spawns i had with it, my most kills in 1 game was 6 with 2 spawns.
With churchill 7, which is competing with this trash for the “worst tank in the game”, my most kills were 7. With 1 spawn.

The conqueror isnt shit imo

In your opinion.