Some specific tank re BR to balance the game a bit better

This list i wroten to myself as a note after battles about possible BR changes in early august to tanks which BR need to fight and now sent it into discussion.

Now i will wrote which motivated put some tank in this BR.

-M4A3(105) now it’s fight in 3.0 BR both in realistic and arcade. Why i recommend to put it in Highter BR? : 2.0-2.7 BR tanks suffer from them. not just in arcade game mod in realistic also. A lot of paper tanks with weak penetration skill gun, against this sherman’s angled 63,5mm front hull armor and 76mm turrent armor, deal 4-5 ricochet shot before get kill them and magic sherman are unharmed. To deal some damage to this mini maus, not every case possible. + it has 10 sec reload time which is superior , fast mobility , 50 CAl AA MG. Most case when i play with 2.3 BR tank opposite team have 3-6 of this tank and will clear my whole team while we can nothing to do against them with lower BR tank. Your can’t penetrate his armor and able to kill it with one shot. On some map(like Japan) 1 tank enought to destroy the whole team who use only lower BR tanks. Too OP. (Note: When i fight with PZ4F2 rate meet with this tank.)

M8 Greyhound: Potato tier’s predator. especially in realistic. have superior mobility, powerful gun and apowerfull 50 cal HMG. if a shot killed his gunner it can use 50 cal mg and able to kill the opposite tank how attacked him. Weak armor allow him to APHE rounds not explode inside the tank just pass throught without explosion damage. Moreover smal and easy to sneak and encircle enemy who have zero chance to survive. It better than M22 Locust.

M26 Persing: His basic ammo too bad nothing penetrate or deal only small damage. APHE ammo not able to deal with Tiger 2H and IS-3. ST-A1 have more opportunity in ammo selection than M26 persing with a same gun.

M4A1 76w : now changed what i expected earlier
M3Lee: On Realistic thanks to 2.7 BR he fight 6/10 times agains PZ 4H and T-34 and painfull to fight against them. Moreover M3Lee more common fight against pz4f2 than the M4A3(105).

Pz38t f/na: 2.3BR allow him to fight against 3.3 BR like T-34 mod 1940/M4A1 sherman. Guns too weak. Please once time try to fight against them. In 7/10 a row from this battle… that will change you point of view.

Panther D: No APCR round wich will a bit usefull against highter BR opponenet like 6.7 T-44,T26E5,T26E1-1.

Panther F:
However have a good turret rotation and rangefinder, but this will not save him and give him an advantage in arcade battle thanks to his weak front turret armor. A single shot from T-34/85(5.0) 76W shermans(5.0-5.7) can kill him, too easy to penetrate it and lost turret crew+turret ring+ gunbreech and if lucky not will blow up the ammo the penetrated shot. Ok the reload is faster than other panther but if the first shot not kill or stun enemy tank you will be dead. In realistic game mod playable but not in CQC. fight agains 7.0 BR tanks not really worth it.

Panther II: As a Panther II owner i know to usage against (T32,T-54 serie,IS-3…etc) Cold war era tanks, are not worth it. Not able to penetrate and kill them with one shot (except if able to flank or encircle them)(In realistic game mod : usage as a long range TD and pray to do not got spot, because when enemy spot panther II kill him with one shot.) while they every time can… Ok it has a rangefinder and good turret rotation skill, but still as a panther construction: weak side hull and turret armor. Thanks to schmalturm turret have extremly bad front turet armor in his BR. Every single APHE ammo able to penetrate his front turet armor and when penetrated and explode inside the tank(not matter if in next gun breech or in back side of turet), ignate and blow up the first stage ammo(not matter if the metal pieces or shot damage a ammo on single ammo always will explode.)(ammo sensitive especially T-44,T-44-100, T-54, IS-3, M47-M48 patton’s APHE ammos). (Note not matter where the shot penetrate the turet armor the result are same.) HEAT-FS ammo also common so can’t use his front hull armor advantage, not to talk about APDS. When not APHE type ammo penetrate the turret front just kill every crew and module inside the turet.
NVD issue: not mater when equiped or not, it still visible on model and the point where mounted on hull have (much more)lower gun depression than the other part of the front hull. This have also a disadvantage him on hilly terrain.
+A basic version repair cost 4k+ too expensive and grind negative income when play against stronger opponenet because useless against them.
Rangefinder useful only in realistic battle but only larger map than 200x200m worth it to use.

Tiger II H (105): mix of IS-2 and Tiger II (H). It’s a tiger II H but biger gun and long reload time. Thanks to fight on 7.0 his armor useless because APDS and HEAT-FS are common. His turret also a weak point, when it got shot, ammo in backside on turret will blow up. basic repair cost 4,5 k and too expensive and not really useful except usage as a support TD behind some OP tanks. Mobility also bad. Useless agains T-54 serie not worth it. In arcade game mod easy to spot his front big weakpoint and kill him one shot, make it useless. In realistic game mod thanks to his mobility and huge reload speed only useful as a TD.

Pz3M: Copy of Pz 3L but have skirt and you can remove it when equiped winterketten track. Not enought good like M4A1 sherman so why fight against them? fixed an image his recommended BR 3.0 in A/R battle also.

T-34 mod 41: used to suffer from M4A1 76W but now solved
T-34 mod 42: with 4.0 BR he able to fight againts 5.0 tank like vk 30.01 M, M4A1 76w, kv 85 and against them not very useful.

T-28E: too much case fight against 3.3 BR tanks, like M4A1 sherman and M4A3(105) in RB

T-80: too much case fight against 3.3 BR tanks like M4A1 sherman and M4A3(105) this micky mouse tank have too bad turrent rotation skill in realistic battle and can’t fight in CQC thanks to this ablility.

Churchill MK 1: Not needed to change.
Chuchill mk 3: too weak front turrent armor on BR 4.0 and a single pz4f2 able to defeat him in 1v1 combat. Moreover fight on ‘maginot line style map’ against M6A1, KV-85 and Vk 30.01 M with his bad mobility… no thanks…

Churchill MK VII/crocodile: Churchill tank re BR suggestion or allow m61 APHE variant ammo use, whats your oppinion?

Bro… the br system is not exsist :(
Battle rating its okey, we just need max ±0.3br matchmake not a ±1.0