Churchil VII

The tank can not penetrate any 4.7 medium or heavy tank frontally.

And I love it

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Yes it can

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You must be fun at parties.

They should give it the M61 with HE filler. That would make the tank somewhat usable. currently it is in competition with the Conqueror for the plce of “worst tank in the game”.

It never used American M61, nor have you heard of French tanks obviously

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Ahm, what?!

If the “party” was just “A bunch of people saying random wrong things and then everyone cheering” then yeah, I think it would probably improve by having Razielkaine show up.

It can even pen mediums at like 6.0, lol, and can absolutely pen a KV 85 driver hatch or a T14 neck, etc.

Yeah, and do absolutely no damage, when those 2 can just 1shot in those 70 billion weak spots the Ch 7 has.

Then why does the Churchill win roughly as many games, have about the same K:D etc etc as those tanks, such that the algorithm hasn’t pushed it down? If it’s so bad, why are brit drivers still holding up totally fine in it?

Also, you never heared about the Sturmtiger then…

Or if you did, do you think it had 40s reload and (basically) a laser rangefinder?

Link to those stas?

The algorithm automatically moves anything that does not get similar KDs, win rates, points, etc. as other things at its BR to a new BR.

It simply still being at 4.7 IS the citation for those stats.

You can potentially make arguments about premiums being given a handicap to entice more purchases or whatever, but this is a Churchill 7 tech tree tank, not a premium. There is zero incentive to not be honest about its position in the algorithm.

Ok, I have already made a post about 1 I want

this makes 0 points

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Man. Firstly, there are six other 4.7s (mediums/Heavies) A 76mm Sherman, the T14, the KV 85, the T34-57, and two Japanese tanks.
It can pen the Japanese ones. It can pen the front of the KV 85 unless it is angled. It can pen the volumetric horror of the T34 57 turret, and it can pen the Sherman on the MG port and on the headlight (which is a bug as the shell literally teleports into the sherman once impacting the headlight).
It can pen the T14 neck, but it will deal no damage regularly.

But all of this is besides the point.

It is the worst 4.7 HT by far and still somehow fun.

“Then why does the Churchill win roughly as many games, have about the same K:D etc etc as those tanks, such that the algorithm hasn’t pushed it down? If it’s so bad, why are brit drivers still holding up totally fine in it?”

Its K/D is abysmal. Its win rate is decent, true, but not better than the rest. Why does it hold up? Because only people who are above average even bother playing that far into the British tree.

“The algorithm automatically moves anything that does not get similar KDs, win rates, points, etc. as other things at its BR to a new BR.”

That is simply not true. Gaijin has denied this several times already. Gaijin uses an algorithm to help with BR rebalancing, but every change is manually done and implemented. Not a single BR change is decided by an automated program. There are also far too many cases of blatantly overperforming tanks not moving at all.

There is a single reason why the Churchil VII is at 4.7. The incompetence of the playerbase to learn. I could destroy a CHurchil VII with a reserve tank at 1km range quite easily. As long as the reserve tank has 55mm+ APHE, everything is settled. Just a matter of RNG letting my shells hit where I aimed, not like the massive forehead of the VII is that hard to hit.
But the average player does not bother about weak points. Weakpoints are only relevant for British players and Jumbo players at those BRs. So even a long 75mm armed Panther will regularly die to a Churchil VII after he shoots the tracks twice, the gun four times (yes, that’s the amount of hits needed to destroy the long 75mm gun with the best shell of the Churchil VII), and then keeps it tracked to get to the side, where it can actually pen the damn thing and deal damage without needing to wait for the crew to move around.

And again, none of this matters. Somehow, the damn thing is still fun.

Gaijin has denied this several times already.

Where? Never seen any such thing.

Its K/D is abysmal.

No, until otherwise established by either a motive for them to lie, or where they say they intentionally don’t down-BR horribly performing vehicles in some as-yet-un-provided blog post, it’s KD is around 48-52% or so

The incompetence of the playerbase to learn.

So it’s NOT any significantly worse than other options at 4.7 then, if people don’t learn to kill it. There you go, then.

Conqueror is a great tank. Have you aced yours?

I once took my crocodile out for a quick spin, I cannot kill anything except for barrel track torture, then one guy who thinks it is funny to keep blowing up my trailer since I’ve got his track too and we both cannot kill each other and got to the point where we almost run out of ammo. At the end of the match iirc I didn’t die and got two kill assists.


Players are much less likely to put a heavy in a full uptier, especially a high armor, low speed, low gun heavy.

Great Britain is still relatively minor as a nation, specifically in terms of % players per team; I’ve seen GB lead teams but very rare personally.

Players of some other heavies constantly use them in full uptiers, ignoring those tanks much better in the full uptier, because they should not be forced by the situation to play the more logical vehicle, 'cos reasons…

Nations of particular heavies are also very popular and so couple low experience with an almost endless supply of players per match. Of course in a moderately experienced player’s hands some heavies can actually perform in an uptier where it helps: reasonable mobility and still not a terrible gun (VII has a poor gun even in the full downtier, relatively). I am average but long term but Heavy 6 was one of my favourite tanks in game and still felt I could pull this out over the M4 as the gun worked and I knew how to avoid its cons.

No one should really expect correct balancing for an infantry vehicle not designed for the WT meta. But still the complaints of other nations fall flat when you dig further into “statistics”.

In the mean time just cry a little inside when you get x nation, most sub lvl 10-20, all in a heavy (which requires different thoughts to use) that are the bottom BR. Because personally I see this A LOT!

Ignoring the full picture is a failure.

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Respectfully you have not used the Conqueror in maybe a year, so avoids the more recent AP changes (higher pen, lower post pen). I am not sure your own experiences matches the current negativity towards the vehicle as it is now.

Neither have I to be clear. My previous experience was a mixed bag (without perfect shot placements the long reload and AP post pen sometimes made you hate this tank), improved by the Super upgrade. And from the RB perspective, like yourself, where it is a bit harder for enemies to catch out certain weakspots you might have when you are actively trying to hide your OHK spots.