Churchil VII

So Churchill is fun to play? I am thinking about buying german premium version, as I didn’t spend any money in WT yet, despite having many hours in already. I like a bit quirky vehicles anyway, so Churchill is kinda attractive to me, but I didn’t play it in British tree yet.

That is the Churchill III not the VII so yes, a better vehicle for its BR than the VII. The German captured KV and Churchill work(ed) well in Realistic Battles (RB) as the guns that the Churchill and KV generally fear the most come from the German nation. Though I guess these captured vehicles are a bit pass their best days after 6 more nations added and many more vehicles/BR changes have happened.

In AB of course you have most of your weak spots shown by the pen marker and you can face every nation’s vehicles in one match.

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T-34-100 and T-44-100 were both scrapped before BR-412D even existed.

There’s the infamous case of the F-89 having proxy fuse rockets despite the fact that those rockets didn’t exist when the F-89 was in service.

Gaijin acts very much on a “if it could theoretically use this, then we can add” principle.


You can’t just roll around d in the open. It’s like an is2, move to a secure position, move up and take your shot (not sure why your struggling with the gun at all) and pull back to your cover. On e clear you ad dance and repeat. It’s a great tank

People complain about it, people want it. Community doesnt have one single thing they can all agree on, diversity is a little too much, more TTs get added, the bigger it will get.

You have not played it under the current AP (higher pen, lower post) system, nor have I. So how can you know for sure? I am not “struggling” because I am not in the habit of playing it (1000s of vehicles so too much to choose). My 44% “win rate” probably has something to do with it but I still kept a positive KD.

(Yes to your advice on use, that was not my observation of the topic however)

March 2023 and before is a LONG time ago in current changes, and any of your plays in it were even longer ago before that?

Also @O_HOgameplay comes from the AB perspective, there is no non-open ground (sort of, which is why I moved to RB a long time back).

For the TRUE experience just play it unspaded and add a mod every 2 matches just to see until “spaded”. I often forget this when I look back at vehicles.

It’s playable, sure. But there’s so many better options if you feel a need to buy a premium. The only good thing about it, is that it’s a rank 3 so you can use it in a lineup that otherwise only would be rank 2. But there’re better options for that as well.

You’re right that it is un-strategic to bring it out in a full uptier, but I’m not really following your logic that “people never do this in the churchill because it’s un-strategic, that’s why it does well” but simultaneously “people do this all the time in general, even though it’s un-strategic” …?

Players of different nations do different things, also some perform differently.

It isn’t my logic as I won’t use x heavy in an uptier but some players scream it is their right to expect their heavy to be just as effective a full BR higher.

Oh how you chuckle when they just all got moved up.

Skill issue clear as day. Why are churchills so popular if they do nothing. Well not counting black prince, that one needs a downtier just based on its average speed in any mode cuz you usually don’t even get to the front in some matches xD

I often only used it for flanking to be honest. Teams so often go to one “exciting” cap again and again… and again… and again… and again… seriously wtf?! Again?! And, yes, again… that it is entirely feasible.

Of course your team might all be gone by then but at least someone covered part of the flank (not talking edge map flanking). Did it twice in the Tortoise too on Japan.

I will say now the Jumbo 75mm is 5.7 there is no way BP can sit at the same BR… however, I did find the new APDS absolute dog pile and took me 4 hits to pen a front plate where I am sure I used to lol-pen in the 5.3 mediums. It took a higher angle shot to push it through, but then again the Jumbo had to be new as he side shot my track first and preceeded to not pen me at all (as in taking my barrel and keep me tracked, I am not expecting the 75 to have any joy otherwise) allowing me 4 shots on him as he moved towards me (Jungle, me attempting to climb the central hill and he coming up the river from C).

The Magach 3 ERA uses the M392A1 in the game, I won’t say more.

I have the German Churchill and I haven’t used it much, but I plan to correct that, because I do enjoy it a lot.

Just give my Jagdtiger the APHEDS used by the same gun on the Maus already 😁😁

Ah but you see, Gaijin also has really weird double standards.

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It’s more that it gives them the wiggle room, I guess. “If it could theoretically use it, we can add it” but that doesn’t mean “we have to add it”. I still wish they didn’t use RoF and ammo selection as soft balancing tools to compensate for the shortcomings of the current BR system, though.

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