Choppers need a rework

Ok this will be beating an old subject to death however this I feel needs to be addressed. Choppers in ground rb need a rework. To many times choppers are literally dead on the kill feed than they “mainly ka50/52” fly around after their death for another 3mins and get like 5 or six kills. If the chopper can still fly than guess what don’t consider it dead. If it’s dead than it shouldn’t be allowed to fly and fight back for another 5 minutes that’s obscene. And no for those of you new here that’s not an exaggeration, it does happen.


This is issue has been raised for years and has even been an issue with CAS where a plane is “destroyed” burning to the ground but able to still launch missiles and get kills. Oddbawz has a great video showing a missile kill after he was “destroyed.”

There are other issues with helicopters like destroying the tail of a coxial rotor helicopter, or helis taking 120mmm shells and still flying.

They need a lot of work for sure

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What do you mean ?
Helis should be able to tank 3x FIM-92K and only get their tail slightly damaged while still being able to operate as if nothing have happened.

PRetty sure Gaijin tried to push it to 4x :)

Funny thing is, if you put a WW2 Fighter in your line up you can kill the helicopters with little issue. Hit a Ka-50 with 3 SAM’s and it was still up, hit it with a 2 second burst of 50 cal’s from a mustang and instant dead.

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This is due to the 10 year old damage model system, which to “fix” would mean changing the damage models for all aircraft.
It’s likely being done, but it’s a lot of work.

A damage remodel would be nice for sure.

I’m sick of shooting right into the gunners face of an Mi-24A and beeing incapable do kill the Gunner.

Give it a try on the damage calculator in the hangar, it’s aligning to the not killable gunners in a life match.

E-Sport ready…

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