Chinese ZBD03 airborne combat vehicle

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Hello, this vehicle proposal introduces a modern airborne combat vehicle that entered service with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in 2005

History of development:


Because the first-generation parachute system developed by China in the 80s of the 20 th century could only airdrop jeeps and pursuit artillery level equipment, the Chinese airborne troops at that time could only simply “airdrop infantry”, in addition to carrying light weapons, only 40 mm rocket launchers and a small number of 82 mm mortars as accompanying firepower, as for the in-depth combat behind enemy lines, they basically relied on their own two legs. Obviously, it is impossible for two legs to run over the wheels, otherwise the airborne troops, who are weak in strength, will inevitably miss out on fighters.
In order to enhance the rapid mobility and combat capability of the Airborne Forces as soon as possible, China has not only imported Il-76 large transport aircraft from Russia and Uzbekistan in batches, but has also actively consulted Russia on technical cooperation with paratrooper fighting vehicles. According to Hong Kong’s “Wide-angle Mirror” report, in 1997, China discussed with the Russian Kurgan Machine-Building Plant the issue of purchasing a production license for the BMD-2 paratrooper fighting vehicle and purchased a number of BMD-2 prototypes, but due to price factors, China finally did not adopt the Russian-made BMD parachute fighting vehicle and decided to develop its own paratrooper combat vehicle. In 2005, the ZBD-03 airborne combat vehicle was officially installed in the PLA Airborne Forces. In February of the same year, the vehicle carried out the first air installation and actual delivery test, which was a complete success, marking the transformation of China’s airborne troops from simple infantry to motorized infantry troops

Weapons and firepower:


The ZBD-03 is equipped with a single man turret, armed with a 30mm gun and one single missile rail launcher is mounted at the top of the turret for the HJ-73C/D antitank guided missile (ATGM) launcher (with 3 spare missiles). The secondary weapon includes a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun. Three smoke grenades discharger is mounted to each side of the turret.The 30mm cannon is a replica of the 2A72 automatic cannon 30mm cannon, with 225 rounds of 30mm high-explosive grenades and 125 rounds of 30mm armor-piercing shells in the hull, and it is equipped with 30mm armor-piercing shells that can penetrate the 35mm/60°RHA at a distance of 1 km,The anti-tank is HJ73C/D of these two models, both of which use tandem armor-piercing warheads, so they can effectively penetrate the 280 mm 68 ° RHA with explosive reactive armor, and the new guidance method has been replaced, with an effective range of 2800 meters, and there are two groups of 6 electroblast white phosphorus smoke screen launchers on both sides of the turret.

Protection and mobility:


The ZBD03 has five unevenly spaced wheels on each side with three track support rollers, a front drive sprocket, and a rear idler. The power pack is mounted on the right front of the vehicle, and the power plant is a 215 hp Cummins 6 BTAA-215L diesel engine with steering wheel steering and a manual transmission, with a maximum range of 500 kilometers and a road speed of 65-70 kilometers per hour, as well as the ability to wade in water, with a maximum speed of 6 kilometers per hour in water.It features an adjustable liquid-pneumatic suspension and two smaller aluminum tracks

The ZBD-03 armour protection is limited by its weight restrictions for airdropping. With a combat weight of 8 tonnes, the vehicle’s armour is supposed to be thin and can only resist small caliber weapons.The vehicle is equipped with welded aluminum alloy armor plate armor, which can withstand damage from small-caliber rifle bullets and grenade fragments, and can only withstand 12.7mm machine gun bullets on the front, and only 7.62mm rifle bullets on both sides of the hull

Fire control system:


ZBD03’s fire control system, including a two-way stabilized day and night sight with a thermal imager and laser ranging, a thermal imaging target tracker, a digital ballistic computer and navigation equipment, etc., the fire control system enables the commander to have a certain ability to manipulate weapons to accurately hit stationary targets day and night, and can also attack targets in motion.



Country of Origin: China
Designer Country: China
Country Users: China
Crew Members: 3 (Driver, Commander, and Gunner)

1.One 30 mm gun 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun
4.There were 225 rounds of high-explosive grenades, as well as 125 rounds of armor-piercing shells

1.65 -70km/hr on road, 6 km/hr on water
2.215 hp engine,Model: Cummins 6BTAA-215L diesel engine
3.Amphibious capability

1.Lenght, 7,62 m; Width, 3,04 m; Height, 2,13 m
2.The total combat weight was 8 tons, the crew was 3 people, and the crew was 4 people

1.Welded aluminum alloy armor plate armor

1.Thermal imaging
2.Laser rangefinder
3.Two-way stabilizer
4.Low-light night vision

I’m looking forward to seeing this vehicle be added to the War Thunder game in the future to fill the gap in the Chinese tech tree for light vehicles and fun vehicles, so I’m asking that the vehicle be submitted to the developer, thank you

1.Anti-tank missiles
2.Good maneuverability
3.Thermal imaging
4.Laser rangefinder
5.Low-light night vision
6.Two-way stabilizer

1.Poor protection
2.Three-person crew




R-C (2)
R-C (1)



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chinese IFV can completely fill a subtree, but in the game we can only see BMP-1

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China really needs more IFVs and light tanks, so this gets an obvious +1

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compressed ifv +1

I’d really like to see this, it looks like a light and nimble IFV that could do some real damage. China is sorely lacking for IFVs as it is.

+1 bruv, there are a f ton of chinese IFV’s and SPH’s. Gaijin should have added them ages ago.

I thought they used a 350 hp Dong Feng diesel engine.