Chinese helicopters should not be up rank

Chinese helicopters have add rank because of the TY 90,somebody say CN heil can ambush at a spawn space.but this phenomena cant be solved by increasing rank.if you want to ambush need spent many time to wait and you team lack one player in the ground.and z9w z9wa z-19e even not have radar.this mean you only use u eyes to discover enemy.
But z9w z9wa z19 ATGM have completely vulnerable to the same rank.they just a 280 spawn point AA in heil no want to use ATGM kill enemy?they atgm cant attack tanks effectively ,and cant even take off to land battlefield ,if enemy have SPAA.
if always increasing rank ,more and more heil will ambush spawn place use TY90,beause their air-ground weapon cant matched spawn point .
increasing rank is acceptable,but should add air-ground weapon.At least it is slightly weaker than other
heil with same rank.
z19e/z19 should have more powerful ATGM, z9w/z9wa can reduce rank and reduce TY90 piece like only 2.


meanwhile there’s a squadron apache with no anti air missiles, no ircm, no radar, no flares sitting at 10.7


cough 16 hellfire cough


good luck getting more than 20% of them to actually hit and kill a tank.

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yeah cause clearly shitty hellfires make up for everything he said


that’s called sucking. Hellfires are very fast, have enough tnt to overpressure mbts on the turret ring and any light targets, have 8km range, are laser guided with iog (meaning they keep guiding even after breaking lock), and pen 1100mm of armor.


So those 11 battles you have in any helicopter that can use hellfires. and between those 11 battles you only have 4 ground kills. So please tell me why you think i would actually listen to your input on hellfire missiles and how they work? IOG Doesnt work in this game the way you think it does , and you cant over pressure a MBT, esp russian MBTs because they have a " special modifier " that only effects russian tanks. We actually talked about this last week in the other threat on russian tanks.

Oh and no hellfires are not fast. I honestlly dont know why you even typed that.

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Hellfires are not very fast, and don’t overpressure MBTs much.

" special modifier "

can you link that thread

If you think that hellfire is C look at the Chinese version of the same guidance style of hell fire but slowed down at 345 for the latest rocket in the Z-10 fan Compared to hell fire its speed is 475
Apache helicopters br 11.3 but the Chinese helicopter Z-10 br 11.7 The only advantage of Chinese helicopters is air-to-air missiles have already been greatly weakened by reducing the automatic guidance time of the missile from 60 seconds to 12 seconds approximately 1/6 of the previous time
The Chinese helicopters have an explosive charge for the best rocket for the last helicopter in the tree 6.25 while the hellfire rocket has an explosive charge estimated at 9.43 So tell me is there worse than this


since you seem to know so much about how they are shit, give me better atgms that them.

little update, i just took the ah64 dgp with 16 hellfires for the first time, 8 kills, unchallenged (lol gun spaa when I’m 5-7km away…), way better than the 11.3 z19e at lower br. Missiles are incredible and it was ALWAYS a one shot, that i always never get with ba9 and let alone wire guided stuff… maybe the vihkr are better but they don’t face 9.7 and are only 12 of them. Only point of comparison would be the ataka (that i never played), but we can all agree the mi28a with 16 atakas has nothing to do at 10.3.


The chinese helicopters should DEFINITELY have been upranked the TY-90’s are legit undodgeable…

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But its ground weapons do not match its own compartments

ty90 aren’t as strong as they were. Gaijin should have instead nerfed the ty90 to 15G and leave the chinese helicopter at their proper br. Not to forget they have very poor ground attack capabilities, and the only half-decent missile is the akd10 on the 11.7 z10. For example the z9wa should have ad-10 but doesn’t even have laser tracking despite having the z19 optic. For me having op aam is ok for helicopters because planes are just cancer.

I have no idea what you mean by that…

the chinese don’t have better atgms, this game already gives you 8 air to air missiles and always pairs you with russia.

it’s basically rocket-propelled bomb dude, they just glide after 2-3 second
it’s not like they can stay at 550m/s forever like some atgm
have you ever tried one and see their weakness?

also, is it bad to have literally best air defense heli in the game with SPAA spawn cost?

No, we have missiles like CDD502KG, and I hope to see a later version Z10 mounted on it

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just fyi z9wa got akd9s and is now an extremely effective tank destroyer