China's Su27 does not have the ability to launch R77

A retired Chinese Air Force pilot revealed in his video that China’s Su27 does not have the ability to launch R77 and can only launch R27. It was not until the subsequent Su-30MKK that it had the ability to launch R77.

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This is same for the su27 in the russian tree


So? this is same as USSR’s SU27, at least we need wait J11A and J11B


So,wdym?what u want?
whether they got a new plane shoot R77/PL12/AMRAAM,Or they just use SU27 to shoot
Plz, Remember the F16AJ
That,Is GAIJIN’s answer about historical

All su-27 basic model same, you search any su-27 loadout pic, no R-77.

J-11A is actually a copy of Su-27 authorized by Russia Federation, so, Su-27 also doesn’t have the ability to launch R-77.

So, the Su-27 couldn’t use the R-77, but can do it ingame


The F-4F carried the Aim-9L IRL, but doesn’t get them ingame

Interesting…not surprising though…

Edit: nvm, the R77 seems not to be in the game either…

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We don’t have R-77 in game

Then what is this topic even about?

I don’t know. The guy was probably talking about the future load out of J11

Su-27 loadout. No R-77

From DCS,also Su-27S so yes,no R-77 capability. You need 27SM for that. Just like you need J-11A and not J-11.

J11A use the N001VE radar but not the N001E, and can take the R77

the SU27SK(J11) cant take the R77, cause its N001(E) radar cant gride it, but the J11A use the N001VE, it compatible with R-77

There’s possibility that it might be J-11A and armed with active radar homing MRAAM RVV-AE (R-77)

One exemple in a nation that fails to fill aircrafts in those BR??

Is that your best line of defence?

You’re not speaking of Japan here, but Russia:

Anation that used no less than:
→ 12 differents variants for Su-27(including Su-27IP and Su-34)
→ 13 different MiG-29 variants(latest of which is MiG-35)

In other news, water makes things wet.

we dont have one :(

ive seen this video already, he means until the SU30MKK was purchased, there were finally Russian made fighter jets purchased by China that could launch the R77

Not quite. While it is called the J-11, it is modeled as the imported Su-27SK.