Cheaters and Botters

So now that gaijin is admitting the botting problem when are we going to start tackling the ESP and aimbot users?


IGN: GuoLeiLei
ID: 136456883

IGN: Ace_Air_Killer
ID: 67478671

supremacita / Player ID: 153984571

Walter_H_Wh64202 / Player ID: 139523179

I would advise you not to go on with this … it is simply not allowed here.

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entire 4man cheater squad

Fm521, celia claire and the 2 others


these are all from a discord channel starting just this November, and this isn’t even all of the posts; want me to post all the replays in the channel?

People are outright sick of it, plenty of vids on youtube of people using these cheats


The problem exists! Sure … I just gave the advise that namecalling isn’t allowed at this place.

Why do people always think that as soon as you say something that it is against it …

Get ready to be called a liar or derr its not as bad as u make it sound from players that play 5.0br arcade ground ONLY

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if this gets moderated on calling cheaters out then we know their stance on aimbot and esp cheats and that they don’t care.


The cheating has gotten legit horrible lately after this last ban wave it seems so regular it’s not even funny anymore. When I play, I usually run into 2-3 a night for no more than 3 hours of playing (yes I verify through replay). Reporting doesn’t do anything. Mods/Game masters “claim” it does, and they’ll shut every thread down for it.

Meanwhile the cheaters I reported actual weeks ago are still currently playing right now, and currently ruining the game for others tracking players through walls, lobbing shots across the map at people who are behind hills etc. So clearly someone here is lying here, and I’ll give us all a hint-

it is not the people reporting the cheaters.

One thing that they CAN do, is when we report a cheater, and a game master does their job for once and bans a cheater, we as players need to get a banner when logging in, telling us our report resulted in a ban. That would literally help the community at least feel like our voices and reports are not going unnoticed.

Gaijin needs to step up their anti cheat, preferably get a new one that is not free and wasn’t last updated in 2018, or they can expect another boycott very soon.


It is not allowed to share player ign and ids in the forum. Please contact a senior moderator or game master.

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See the people on the forums dont care, and just was to troll and say skill issue. Its been a problem and Gijin has done little to acknowledge or do anything to mitigate this , and if they have they have not told the community. I find it funny that there are way more nukes that are happening than before.


If(when) it gets moderated, it won’t be because you are “calling out cheaters”, it will be because you are not following the Rules you agreed to when you made your account here or in game, it’s pretty simple. Clearly you have let your emotions take over and are acting primarily out of anger . . . which is rarely helpful in any situation. There are procedures and protocols in place for reporting ANY Rules violations and they are pretty simple and basically any variation from the system in place, such as these types or rage induced rants on the Forum, simply are of no use to anyone and a waste of time . . . for all.
Report players using the in game Complaint system or via Server Replays, marking the time so moderators can easily locate and review any “violations” . . . it’s pretty simple, and doesn’t take too long once you get the hang of it. The time & energy spent on this post alone would have been much better spent using the proper avenues to report them as “valid” reports. The volunteer staff members that deal with such thing do not scour the Forum for these things, they work on the 1000’s of reports that are sent in thru the proper channels, just as the Forum staff members do not do reports of game Rule violations, they keep the Forum tidy. If you actually want things to be considered/looked at/taken care of . . you simply have to submit them properly for anything to happen . . . .
Good Luck


Yea sure mate your way is working soooo well isnt it… Light these forums up boys just keep posting videos andd please pretty please do the same on steam as well where gaijin cant just flag it THATS THE ONLY WAY IT GETS DEALT WITH THE PROBLEM WILL NEVER END IF ITS THE PLAYERS AND A DOZEN GAME MASTERS DOING THE POLICING…

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I would like to also add that most cheaters , lets not fool ourselves here , just want easier wins and high K/D to feed their ego and feel better for themselves but theres a BUT , Easy Anti Cheat or any other anti cheat software , works at Kernel level . Which is the lowest point in a computer , so cheaters at this time and age have found ways to by pass Anti Cheats so they can cheat . Now what I want to say is that the esp users aren’t most of the time computing/hacker geniuses that understand how that shit works .

But there are people who create that shit , that know how it works . If one of them cheaters or creators of those cheats find a bug on any of them anti cheats programs , your computing security can be at risk . Having a back door at Kernel level is just game over for you .

That shit likely won’t happen but that doesn’t mean the chances are 0 . So Gaijin might be at hot deep water if something like that happens because anyone from here will have Gaijin liable for that security risk if anything worse happens .

Also … seriously Gaijin , easy anti cheat ? Man thats one of the worse Anti Cheats out there . Even RIOT’s anti cheat which at the time speaking is probably the best one out there , has cheaters too . Step up your game gaijin .

If people spend money to enjoy your product and help you out running the game 24/7 . At least try to make your defenses and security a little better . Because someone out there wouldn’t mind take you to court about things like this …

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Theres no point in reporting anyone, theyll be back with another account in a day or two. Those 4000 they just banned, guess what theyre probably already back doing the same stuff.