Cheaters and Botters

gajin AC is quite bad if they need +1 month to ban cheaters, they should have a real time ac and update it on a regular basis once a cheater is detected is auto banned, not waiting +1 month to “flag” and do a ban wave,

If those cheaters needs to be manualy reviewd by staff, gajin has a real problem and the cheaters will enjoy alot of cheating time.

@Pacifica just pinging you in case the discussion about cheaters and botters gets out of control in the future with the insults and such.

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He not going to stop the cheats mate…gaijin expects players to do it for free and damn them people that talk about the problem…

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How can this be not allowed if gaijin publicly announces entire list of cheaters id and nicknames if dude is blatantly cheating why not to expose him lol.

This is the major problem… Imagine its your job to watch replays and find cheaters in an online game that actually allows certain mods or overlays ( used as methods to hide the software they using) and what probably 100 000 games+ a day…your gunna need a hell of a lot of people watching replays 8 hours a day working shifts 24\7… And I doubt thats the reality…its literally a dozen people that have many other tasks along with watching replays to do in their workday its an impossible task to do it this way without MASSIVE manpower and well they dont have it

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Ummmm . . it’s not my way, it’s the way . . . . pretty simple. But you go ahead with your “burn the house down because you think you saw a mouse” . . . . brilliant
“every way but my way is the wrong way”, yeah??
Good luck with that . .

well that way dosent work… And asking gaijin to update EAC and actually not allow any 3rd party mods is not burning the house down because I seen a mouse…do you have a better method or do you actually think what they doing right now is working? Also do you even play RB I thought you where arcade main and yea people dont really cheat there mate I suggest you go play 8.7 or higher GRB for a couple days then get back to us…

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I didn’t say that was the only way that they deal with this kinda stuff. And yeah, there is a LOT of work involved with what the volunteer staff and Community Managers have to deal with. I can’t really go into details because of NDA and I have not been privy to the inner workings for a few years. But there is a system in place that players, who actually want to help can use. But they have to work within the system. Trying to go all “vigilante” won’t work either, but many let their emotions over ride logic and just want to rant & rage . . meh, human nature. I doubt many even bother to consider what if their account was banned from a false accusation or just off someone’s “word” . . . changes the story doesn’t it?
At any rate, what most do not consider is the amount of manpower it really would take to “police” every match as it unfolds to try to keep tabs on what everyone is doing in each game . . . the numbers would be staggering. At peak hours there are 3,000 - 4,000 games going on at the same time. So yeah, players are going to need to help out, at least some anyway. Screaming their fingers off in the Forum here of in the chats isn’t going to make anything better for anyone . . . C’est la Vie

Any “list” that Gaijin puts out is of banned players that were actually found to be breaking the Rules. Throwing out names of players “thought” to be cheating is not the same thing. Here in the US we have the “innocent until proven guilty” thing . . . I would hope that could be a consideration here as well. But yeah, if they get caught, get banned and get their “name” put out there . . what else is there to be done? . . tale 'em out back & beat the stuffin’s outta them?? I have no sympathies for anyone caught cheating in this game, it’s completely pointless. Gaijin has made it extremely easy to kill stuff in the game on many fronts. Why anyone would need or even consider any “assistance” is beyond me . . . but some people be like that I guess . . . anyway, I just don’t see how getting out the pitchforks and tiki torches is going to do any good myself . . . and that is literally all I have been trying to say about it… I am not taking sides, just being pragmatic and pointing out some truths to the whole situation.

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No players do not need to be Gaijins online police for free if players are cleaning up THEIR game they deserve payment at the very least i dont report cheaters anymore it was enough work dealing with SHOTI in naval and Im not doing it again the people making there living by giving us this game for us to give them OUR money should be the ONLY ones doing this task…and its impossible for a dozen people to do this so they really need to ban ALL 3rd party software and overlays and get an actual anti cheat system

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Because you do not have the Facts… and so… you could be calling out someone that is innocent, and then that player gets a ton of hate from 100s of players for no reason whatsoever… so, how is that fair ??

Gaijin has the Facts of the matter… so, it is always best to just report “Suspects” and Gaijin will investigate…

^ This, Thanks!.. and he should know, since he was a former GM…

“If(when) it gets moderated, it won’t be because you are “calling out cheaters”, it will be because you are not following the Rules you agreed to when you made your account here or in game”

^ That…

“it’s pretty simple. Clearly you have let your emotions take over and are acting primarily out of anger . . . which is rarely helpful in any situation.”

Good example…

“There are procedures and protocols in place for reporting ANY Rules violations and they are pretty simple and basically any variation from the system in place, such as these types or rage induced rants on the Forum, simply are of no use to anyone and a waste of time . . . for all.”

As mentioned, we have rules and procedures in place for a very good reason… and investigations are not carried out here on the forum, since there are no hard facts of the matter that can be investigated… all investigations are made from the server replays where hard facts can be gathered for investigation…

“Report players using the in game Complaint system or via Server Replays, marking the time so moderators can easily locate and review any “violations” . . . it’s pretty simple, and doesn’t take too long once you get the hang of it. The time & energy spent on this post alone would have been much better spent using the proper avenues to report them as “valid” reports.”

^ This… Time and time again we see some waste time and energy by making pointless posts or rants when that time and energy could have easily been put into making a much quicker and proper report / case for a real investigation…

“The volunteer staff members that deal with such thing do not scour the Forum for these things, they work on the 1000’s of reports that are sent in thru the proper channels”

^ This… again, he should know from being a former Game Master

as it been mentioned… “We won’t go into the details”… there is a lot that the Public do not know…

As it has also been mentioned

“Recently, we’ve been working on improving our measures against cheaters. We won’t go into the details, but rest assured you can expect more cheaters to be banned in future Fair Play articles.”

Thanks ^^

In the time it took you to make this post, you could have made a quick and easy report in stead… just saying…

Since we do not allow discussion of cheaters on our web pages or in game, I see no reason for this to continue

That why these posts are made by Staff, and if there is a comment section in these posts (Some times we dont), But in this case, you can leave Feedback there