Chat Ban

So today I was banned from chat for 15 days for whatever reason.


Aparently I had used foul language from messaging out things like “UWU Femboy join us” excetera which I can not understand how that is “sexual” in any way of shape and form. I must have played this game for years now and I find it bizzare this is the sort of things you would give a chat ban for. I’ve seen put people put stuff that is without a doubt horrendous yet you’ve acted in no way at all to prevent it. Things such as putting Z’s in chat or very politically based topics or the fact that people have told eachother to “kill themselves” or do terrible things to eachother and family members and is worringly common.

I understand the action may be “retrospective.” but for the most part of what I have typed in chat I don’t get how messaging “Femboi uwu” is sexual, it’s only sexual if you take it in like that. It was mostly a joke anyways between myself and people who found it funny and was trying to mess about with others. Yet you seem to have done nothing to those who responded with incredibley hostile responses such as “kill yourself.” “hang yourself” or one that remarks homosexuals in a very demeaning manner.

How can this be the most controversial thing you could chat ban me over and not be doing it for the people are genuinely serious with their insults. Whatever moderator did this can you please message me because I really want to know what was ‘Sexual’ about this. This has got to be one of the most confusing chat bans in all my years playing this game.

The messages were not explicitly sexual nor reffered to any sexual connotations. Our squadron itself is just a laugh and is nothing sexual. We literally made the squadron as a laugh and to not take things seriously to just enjoy and have fun. You lot seem to listen to alot of extremists and seem to listen to their reports and not listen to what they’ve managed.

I mean who are you? You’ve clearly taken the worst approach in your time of moderation you’ve gotten worse. You don’t listen to most people anyways. You seem to just and inadequete way of understanding proper reports. This may be a bit of a slamming opinion on you but you’ve done nothing since to ever appeal to the majority of the people here rather you listen to the maniacs who still get away with saying very vulgar things.

Thankyou for again for you “values” of playerbase and just disregarding most problems and just again appealing to a very interesting lot. You lot have really let yourselves down in these years I can’t believe you lot still manage this game the way you do. You’ve gone entirely backwards.

Thankyou and goodnight.

A lot of spelling mistakes here but to be fair it’s just ridiculous how gaijin moderation has been going these years and it’s out of frustration with them.

I have said bad things too, but you do realize that there are kids playing this game? Since i dont get the impression that you are saying things like “UWU Femboy join us” ironicly or as a joke, I think it is the only right thing to suspend degens for that kind of language and/or promotion. Thankyou and goodnight

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What is sexual about Femboy UWU? Is there any sexual remarks to that statement. Did I refer to sexual actions or anything like that? Remember this game has things like body pillows and had a decal, A DECAL… OF A PORN ACTRESS. THAT’S NOT SEXUAL?

No one wants to hear that in the chat.


No one wants to see porn on a tank but we here we go. Gaijin can’t play this game of “Oh it’s sexual” meanwhile putting Porn actress decals and body pillows. What have I put down that remarks as “sexual” Femboy UWU has no sexual connotations If I then reffered to a sexual activity then MAYBE or action but I didn’t. This makes no logical sense.

What are you talking about? Where is there porn on a tank?

If you’re talking about “body pillows” it’s subjective. I think they’re disgusting but I have fictional decals disabled so I don’t see them.

The Eva Elfie decal is of a porn actress. That has been able to be put on any vehicle. There are many decals in this game with half naked women. Is that not sexual then?

Again, they’re mostly fictional. You can disable them.

I thought you were going off to bed? You are promoting degeneracy in a chat accesable to kids. How virtueous of you to champion the fight against pornography. If you were unsure what irony means, i just gave you an example. You got your chat ban, you deal with it.

Well you theoretically disable chat by that logic then. Youtubers do it a lot as well. Again the point is WHAT WAS SEXUAL? Just because you don’t like the message which had no offensive meaning behind it regardless or any sexual connotations doesn’t justify gaijin giving a chat ban meanwhile they hypocritically have sexual decals and a body pillow.

Degeneracy? Lmfao What have I posted that is sexual!!! LMAO What is the degeneracy?!!

there are people with account names that are literally something like “UWU Femboy”, with UWU representing a clan and Femboy (although misspelled by a letter or whatever) also being a common clan or account name. If OP just randomly said “UWU Femboy” then idk I would half understand what you’re saying, but since people literally have account names extremely similar to this you are getting mad at him for using a teammates’ name

I can’t decide to see what you’ve typed until I’ve read it. I don’t want to see bodypillows, sexual decals or your weird chat messages.

Again why is no one answering the question here? Everyone replying seems to not understand the question. What was sexual about the UWU femboy bit. Lol?

Yeah i know what context is man, that is why i mentioned it in my first post. Make up your own mind whether or not if “UWU Femboy join us” was said in jest.

Well if you could just clarify if what you said was meant as a joke, then I could point out where the degeneracy is or is not

I’ve just said what sort of things I said it was long the line of that + I also said nothing sexual within the femboy uwu comments. It was just something about taking down the anti femboys or something dumb like that. A very light hearted message that had really not much context at all. People just read into it too much and got offended by such a little simple message. It can’t be ‘degeneracy’ if it has no contexual sexual meaning at all.

It makes not logical sense to give a chat ban over something like this when they literally have body pillows which are sexually explicit in a lot of places. A porn Actress and many other things like people telling others to “kill themselves” aparently, saying “Femboy UWU” or things along that non sexual line is WAY more offensive according to gaijin than the typical toxic stuff we normally get.

What I’m trying to get at is the logic in which they’re using which again doesn’t make sense because they hypocritically sponsored a porn actress and have body pillows. You can’t give a chat ban like that when you literally promote sexual things it makes NO SENSE. ESPECIALLY when it’s something NOT sexual.

There are decorations it doesn’t matter if there in the game or not. Never the less they are optional for those who want to use it and even then there limited to promo codes. For all we know will be retired.

What does Femboy mean?