Charged for teamkill?

Why was i charged for a teamkill after i got rammed into and destroyed during takeoff ?

What usually happens is that your fuel exploded and for some reason gaijin considers that as you killing the people.

Do you have a replay link from this one? Sometimes another player can see something others would miss. o7

Take a look at this:
1:19 min
Friendly Bf-109 was killed by a bot and I got the penalty.

If you cause any damage to a friendly plane, you will get hit with a TK even if something else destroys them.

If this is answer to my video, no I didn’t hit that guy ever. This video is 2 years old and no replay to prove it.
But this shows it happens sometimes.

Not specifically.
at 1:10 if that is you firing, that is probably where you hit him with a non-tracer round.
Sucks. I’ve been Gaijined like that too.

You might want to check the bug report site - there are dozens of bug reports (all open) dealing with the same issue.

Gaijin is ignoring this problem for years - they are either unable or unwilling to fix collision related issues, a lot of guys intentionally ram friendlies as they know that their victim gets a crew lock for crashing and a team kill fee on top of that in case the “rammer” dies.


I found by accident an older post explaining outcomes of collisions in detail: