Char 25t should stay at 7.3 with its proposed 4 sec. reload

With the proposed move of the Char 25t to 7.7 GRB, lets look at reasons why it should stay, or if it must be moved, give it some help, as I found it to be mediocre at 7.3. Along with French 7.7 having more than enough tanks at this point.

Basically none, mg resistant, next.

The tank generally feels very slow to accelerate to me, with the Amx 13s and oddly enough the Amx 50 series hulls getting up to speed faster. Once moving the Char softcaps at about 50kph (max 65), in test drive, due to lack of gears for higher speed range.
However, reverse is excellent at having full 65 capable, again, never reaches it.
I feel that the tank is artificially nerfed, as it has very wide tracks with only being 25 tons, which should allow much better floatation for offroad, but doesn’t act like it.
In connection with mobility, the tank and turret traverse arent amazing, but not bad, however it only has 6 degrees of depression and 11 in elevation, limiting terrain use.
IMO, slight buff if moved up, no change if left at 7.3.

Firepower: Unstabilized, just to note.
The major issue, especially with going up to 7.7, Is the penetration, 209 mm with an APHE, while deadly, IF it goes in, is subpar at 7.3 with this tier range being a heavy armor party. So a simple fix, if uptiered, is to give it the Amx 13 90s 320 pen HEAT, as the Chars gun is an American 90mm that can fire a whole slew of ammo. Another less favorable option is the Pershings APCR.

In conclusion, if moved to 7.7, the 13 90 would be a better pick all the time as it moves faster, fires every five seconds already, has a larger autoloader drum, with MASSIVELY better pen that actually works against the front of heavies if needed.

Thank you for time and consideration


Char25T vs Obj 279 and other 8.7 tanks it cant scratch from the front. I preferred using the AMX-13-90 when it was at 7.3 anyways.

I swear if it was a tank from a major nation, it would be 7.0 MAX.


I agree with some of your points here and don’t think it should be moved. There are a lot of good 7.7 tanks in the French line and pushing this up starts to leave a gap in 7.3. Moreover, there are a lot of situations that Char25 occasionally faces where it can literally do nothing, think IS-4M.

That being said, I usually take a the Char25 in my 7.7 lineup because I find the HEATFS round found in the AML-90 and 13-90 to be the literal worst round in all of Warthunder. Even if they moved it to 7.7 and gave it the HEATFS, I would still only take M82. If they removed the M82, I would never play the Char25 again.

I’ll add that that HEATFS is so bad it makes the 13-90 more like a 7.0 tank. Sure it can pen but it’s post-pen damage is so terrible and unreliable that it’s a liability. To me the 13-90 with the M82 or similar would make it a better 7.7.