Chaos in the Skies: The Devastating Impact of the Su-25SM3 in War Thunder

They could add NASAM to the U.S. tech tree (and other tech trees) if they would do what @SpeclistMain said with having a on map ground radar

2v2 on both sides

1 pantsir per each team, 1 cas plane per each team

all players are in fully upgraded vehicles, and they give their best performance

The Pantsirs will win on both teams if played correctly.

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wait can both sides rearm?

The Type 81(C) works standalone same as with seperate FCS, the previous (A) and (B) relied on multi-vehicle batteries.

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I’m not well informed on the technicalities of the Type 81 system so I guess I shouldn’t be making statements on it but regardless, just as much as the Type 81 can be considered and single unit vehicle it can also be considered a multi unit vehicle, no?

It can operate as a standalone system, but it can also be operated with a radar vehicle and fcs vehicle?


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if we go down that route, interceptors should be cheaper to spawn, russia shouldn’t have a 5 year advantage on the AAMs they use, and the number of planes on each side should be completely unbalanced

I would also remind you that KH38 was put in active service in 2012. If Gaijin is respecting each nation’s doctrines as you imply, i’m a bit disappointed to see that brimstones, AASMs and latest variants of mavericks are not present in game. Weird really, especially considering most of those entered service before the KH38.

I don’t really see the point of that argument tbh


And Su-25s shouldn’t be immune to radar missiles just by flying below 100m


You mean immune like every other plane in the game that flies low.


And every other plane in game shouldn’t be able to either. But in this specific case, it means that even if there is a fighter up to counter them, they have to traverse the entire map to attempt an IR missile shot against an auto flare, or even closer for a guns kill

date of introduction doesnt matter how many times does it have to be said

stuff is added by capability, not date of introduction

also funny how youre crying about the r73 being “5 years late” while having the best missile in game

neither should any other plane?

damn double standards go crazy

you when the game progresses to newer technologies but its not american 🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😭😭😭😭😭

also would you be so kind to point me towards an american plane that:

  1. has IRCM
  2. is not a copy of a plane
  3. isnt low tier
  4. isnt absolutely op

since you want your freedom planes to be better than they already are

Those 2 are contradictory, pick one please

I was talking about R27ER, R73 is fine, also, idk what missile you are talking about when you mention “best missile”

best ir missile in game, the 9m my fault og

theyre 2 statements so no they dont

Either you introduce things by capabilities, ie more powerful CAS for NATO and more powerful SPAAs for russia, wich leads to asymetrical balance

Or you introduce things using symetrical balance, with everything being roughly equal in performance (SPAA and CAS).

Saying “NATO didn’t develop SPAAs so they shouldn’t get more powerful AA systems in game but things should also not come by date” implies that one side can get the advantages in SPAA by virtue of the doctrine argument, but the other can’t get the CAS advantage by the same logic because it’s nullified by a 10+ years gap

It is therefore, contradictory


considering the us made no other short range spaas that are confined to 1 vehicle, means it doesnt contradict

it is a fact

As you said :

russia didn’t make better CAS than NATO. This “better” CAS should be in game for the same reason pantsir currently is in game.

I don’t even own a vehicle that can fire 9M X)


AAQ-8 -1
F-4 AAQ-8

Have you not seen the AN/TWQ-1 Avenger, Stryker (M-)SHORAD , Stryker MSL and various other configurations?

Sure few interesting or advanced options exist but that doesn’t mean things weren’t tested, and as such options remain.

Also there remains the option to buff the Stinger via the addition of various capabilities & mechanics.


isnt and never will