Changing ammo

Hi all :)

To change ammunition I have to shoot the one that is in the cannon and then the one I selected will be placed.

I mean, the ammunition I select will only be used after I get rid of the one I was shooting before.

This is bad

Is there any way to improve this?



Choose what you want to shoot before you spawn…

It’s the only way as no-one would climb out of the tank to push the rounds back if it doesn’t have the ability to unload the round.

Thanks for the reply :)

Just to know if I was understood: For example
I have 2 types of ammo that I use in my tank. The main one is labeled 1 . The other is 2.
I want to use 2, but to do so I have to get rid of, by shooting, ammunition 1.

Is there any better way to do this?

This is bad, because if you are shooting at an opponent, and you need to use another type of ammunition, you waste time before using the other type of ammunition.

If you have your ammos set up on the main spawn screen, you can change to the shell in the other slot and you’ll have that as your first round.

Shooting first on spawn is the more common goto.

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i don’t think you can.
it’s either gaijin does not want to or they have a report/document that states unshot shell should not be extracted from the gun, either way you should just shot your shell to change it.

and modern tank like Abram have a combustible cartridge, so if you tried to extract a shell from the gun it can just extract the steel case base and leave the combustible cartridge and the round in the gun, which make you cannot operate the gun. because it stuck in there.

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I think it would be a good idea to introduce a mechanic like the one in WoT (only good mechanic they have) where you can change the ammo without firing.
This would be interesting since HE has become very important today and is usually a second choice ammo.

Sure some will say that’s it’s not realistic but IRL crews don’t load the gun until they have a target to shoot at so it could be a way to compensate.


I imagined. Thanks :)

thanks for the reply

I found your idea very interesting.

Gaijin could leave the weapon unloaded by default.

The current standard is for the weapon to always be loaded.

They mean during game, not before you spawn. As in if you had AP loaded and an AA truck appeared so you wanted to reload HE. You currently have to fire the AP round to reload, giving your position away and possibly spooking the target you are loading said HE shell for.

If you actually read my posts, I actually alluded to that…

Then suggest the ability to spawn in with an empty chamber. The reasons for not having shell switching on the field is a long explained reason, and whilst some tanks may have the ability to do so, this leads to a want for ‘everything’ to do it.

So the best option would be to have a ‘do not load on spawn’ toggle…

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We’re not talking about the spawn, but the entire game.
It would be far easier and more intuitive to just have a “switch ammo” option.

My god, read the post…

It’s hinting that someone won’t get out of the damn tank mid-battle to ram-rod a shell out of the breach…

The fact that I said about the spawn screen was mentioning that’s the ONLY way to do it currently, and the reasoning behind the shell switch not being a thing…

The issue with people trying to prove me wrong, is that I don’t care if you think I’m wrong.

Further-more, it’s been mentioned many times prior on the old forum, and the same reasoning is provided each time… It doesn’t happen IRL on the earlier tanks, and it’s only more modern ones that they have a feature that compares, but isn’t commonly used.

(I stand by this statement and whoever flagged it merely can’t handle the argument based)


It’s that if it was implemented, it’d be double reload time of normal.
Say your reload is 8 seconds, 16 to swap ammo without shooting in order to be realistic.
IRL crews would just fire the gun to swap ammo for safety & speed reasons.

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I mean, just load APHE shell and you can kill 95% of tanks you face. I dont understand why do you even feel the need to bring different ammo.

Cause your 11.7 tank doesnt really have APHE shell? So if you meet something light where APFSDS doesnt create enough spall or overpens it, then HE is the way to go. Also HE is good for campers behind stuff where all you see is commander hatch, lob that 3OF26 or its chinese equivalent on it to send it into space.

Please dont mention BR higher than 8.7, I dont participate in beta test

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Lol, calm down man, not my fault if you’re off topic.

We’re not talking about what happens IRL here, otherwise there won’t even be a need to change shells. A 120mm shell in the cabin of a truck just obliterates the thing IRL, but not in game. That’s why you need such an unrealistic mechanic.

I guess it could be tweaked to be less then double, especially with tanks that already have a high reload time but that’s the idea.

I prefer to take a little more time loading the right shell rather than giving away my position, having the target running away and then waste another shell to reload AP.

Still, if you play France or England good luck finding APHE.