Change MiG-21bis and all the renamed versions of it to 10.7

I have been playing my MiG-21 Lazur for a while but after the changes the jet sucks. R-60M on 11.0 is just ass and facing F-16? Bruh like this is supposed to be fun and balanced game not simulating some poor country that doesnt have money to buy new jets. So move the MiG-21bis lower or just get the. The modern jets more distant in BR so they can’t fight together.

Mig-21 is good at 11.0.
6x R-60Ms, and a great airframe better than all 10.7s, and better than some 11.0 jets [looks at F-4EJ].
Mig-21Bis had a chance to fight F-16As IRL, and the R-60M can do damage against an afterburning F-16A when played correctly in the air RB context this topic is about.


Wow, a second thread calling for unneccesary buff to Mig21bis and variants. What gives?

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You should try to fly F-104S so you would appreciate Mig-21bis with its fancy 6 all aspect missiles at 11.0.


What throwing in a bunch of Top tier premiums does. Bis is great, but they dont see it .

Ah yes, because the supersonic mig21 with 6x all aspect missiles and great handling is equal in performance to the subsonic sea harrier FRS1 with 4x all aspect missiles

Another bis cope thread, same arguments. If you want to argue bis is bad at its own br, compare it to other planes at that br and not the ones 1.0 above. Smt could easily be 10.7 claiming bis is comparable to smt is laughable


You have the best KD on Lazur, so what?

Reminder the F5E is 10.7 because some Dev plays it and has favouritism

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It’s completely obsolete at a slight uptier. Struggles in its own br. Talking about RB. What they could do is give it back the special AB mode it had, and keybind it to the booster key.

Low skill community?

I mean Author as a general ARB KD of 0.3 in 1300 battles in Aircrafts,…

We have lot of comments coming up from newbs and/or stubborn players,… (like Oskar,… on the other thread)

I’m not saying that they should not explain what they see in game, but a lot of their problem would be solved if they were asking themselves right questions:

How i died? Why? What could have been done differently?

How systems works? Why? How to counter some weapon systems?

How to turn efficiently? Why?

Then a requirement of Knowledge, which aircraft can i turn in with,and which aircraft i can’t (which means that you should not go in extended turns, but 1/2 turns is allowed depending on situations).

A way to efficiently have situationnal awareness too: many people do not visually check around them–> easy to come up from behind and launch a little AIM-9B on a A-10 full of flares, and still hit ^^"

The problem is coming up from the lack of knowledge and experience.

If there was something as 11.0 game then it would be great but most of the games are full uptiers so…

For real.

uhehm so i played the lazur a bit more, watched a few videos and i take most of the things i said back uhh the only thing that sucks are constant uptiers i think it would just be nice for 11.0 games to exist and thats basically it hope yall have a good day and before i post something next ill do more research xd cya


Also do i somehow close this thread or what do i do now xd?

Compression is the single greatest problem in WT. So much suffers because of it.

9.3s are basically unplayable because you only fight 10.3s for example