Change in tier I number of targets makes game unbalanced and boring

Recently I’ve been playing the 1.0 battles to spade the new T2 swedish bomber.
I’ve noticed that the number of ground targets has been about doubled (from ca. 70 to ca. 140) but the number of destroyed targets required to win the game has not been adjusted.
As a result, the game ends when one team has destroyed about 50% of the targets (instead of all targets as it used to be). The result is that with 2-3 bombers going down to kill as much as possible before dying the game ends within 4-5 minutes at most, leaving the fighters no chance to play a role. (I’ve been running basically 100% wins and 100% Thunderer award using just two 1.0 bombers, one unspaded…)

I assume if you’re a new player to War Thunder this must be incredibly frustrating. It sound like a simple oversight - adjust the number of points per target so you again need to destroy all for the win.

I have been around this game long enough to know that a simple oversight usually means it will get fixed within 1 or 2 business years with Gaijin. Eventually Smin will come here and reply: “Not a bug, its a feature. Case closed.”


The conditions for the win of a match should always be a combination of a minimum number of planes killed, a minimum number of ground targets killed and a minimum number of bases destroyed. Keep the destruction of the airfield as an alternative win condition. This would make matches last longer and give a role to every type of aircraft.

If any of those conditions weren’t met at the time limit, whichever team has more tickets when the time is out should get the win.

The goal should be to have matches lasting between 10 to 20 minutes.