Change battle rating for certain tanks

The ground battle rating is just pure chaos on console in general like for example if you bring in a MAUS tank which is a 7.7 your a 100% garentee that you will always get an up teir in every single battle making this German ww2 super heavy tank from a ww2 tank into a Cold War tank that is completely not in the right battle rating thus it is like as if you put a t95 at a starting battle rating from a 7.0 to a 9.3 and higher thus rendering it useless to any ground vehicles such as Bradley IFV and Cold War tanks that doesn’t exist in World War Two and it would be nice if there weren’t as many air units due to there are few of the ground anti air units for ground thus making a massive difference on how ground battles should operate if its World War Two tanks and planes for example from American tech tree from reserve to the T26E1-1 (6.7). The M109A1, M56, M50,T92 and M41A1 should not be at 6.3 and 6.7 due to if you want realistic accuracy information it should belong in the battle rating of 7.0 and higher and move the T95 to a 6.7 battle rating or lower and at least don’t give M109 proxy rounds due to a lot of vehicles already have a lot of proxy rounds and please lower the battle rating for the MAUS tank.


Lol that’s nothing to deal with the battle rating changes and stuff lol

Except WarThunder does not care about the era of introduction of a vehicle. More modern vehicles tend to be higher BR but that is purely due to having superior capabilities.


If war thunder is based on historical accuracy on the game then it should be organized in certain groups and battle rating.

Ah, a giant block of text. My favorite. Use indentation, perhaps?

Grammar aside, the Maus is fine where it’s at. I have a blast anytime I play it. And in my personal experience, it gets very few full uptiers.

Vehicles should be balanced based on their effectiveness, not the time they were made.

Using your example of the Maus: It’s a heavy tank. It is going to struggle in uptiers as every other heavy in game does. The Maus struggles a bit more in full uptiers because it has so much armor when at 8.7 you’re facing tanks that have APDS and HEAT.

But that doesn’t mean the Maus should be downtiered. Are you really arguing that the 76 Jumbo should fight the Maus in uptiers?


Remember that there are more air than ground so obviously grab the fighter or a bomber with sed bomb and bomb sed roof of sed maus tonk easy as said but if it is tested then yee it’s fun

  1. The MAUS is fine where it is, it can’t go lower due to its immense armour

  2. War thunder is not that historically accurate. It places balance above historical accuracy.

  3. Structure your ideas better. Use line breaks and punctuation.


I agree that some battle ratings are completely bonkers - such as the M41D being 8.0 with the performance of a 6.7 vehicle. Or the T-54s without stabilizers being 8.0 instead of 7.7.

But the Maus is a perfectly competent vehicle at 7.7. In fact, its one of the better ones - especially with the addition of the TS shell. It’s very tough, the 75mm extra cannon can help in many ways, and even if you can easily penetrate it - you can’t easily kill it.

A heavy tank that is extremely overtiered and that happens to be 7.7 is the IS-4M - an incredibly bad vehicle for the BR. Which could easily be 7.0.

How about no.

I don’t think it is worse than the IS-6.


It’s considerably slower than the IS-6 with a prominent weakspot driver’s port on the UFP unlike the IS-6.
Most players seem to be completely deluded regarding the IS-4M’s performance, and it seems that stays true. The gun on both tanks is horrible for the BR, as well.

The IS-6 has a hp/t of 13.7 and a turret rotation speed of 13deg/s experted while the IS-4M is at 12.4hp/t and 9.4deg/s experted turret rotation speed. Noticeably less responsive and slower.

Both of these tanks have no survivability, with 4 extremely tightly packed crew members. The Maus has 6 extremely spaced crew members which is one of the main reasons why it does so well at 7.7 - even if a long-rod APFSDS can go through easily, it’ll take multiple shots to kill regardless.

Maus cant go lower or else you’ll find the same exact issue happening but it’ll be stuff at 6.0-7.0 that can’t penetrate the maus anywhere so they just become food in the same way the maus is to higher rank stuff. The issue is compression and it isn’t fixed by downtiering anything specific.

ok but you’re basically just saying “remove all vehicles that are comparable to my german tanks”


I definitely want to face that in 6.0-6.3 tanks… yep… that won’t cause any issues at all.

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They do in fact have survivability, pretty good survivability at that. They either bounce conventional ammo easily or if shot with chemical, often don’t take much damage due to the way chemical rounds have… not a lot of damage in game to put it simply. It’s very common to shoot HEAT-FS at one of these, penetrate it, and only kill 1-2 crew members.

do you know where to fix every problem in this thread

If the BR you play only players the BR that you are playing.

Example 7.7 plays only 7.7 and 5.3 only plays 5.3

would lead to you facing the same tanks over and over unfortunately, idk if the playerbase could sustain it either

You dont want historical mm, trust me


As stated, the realistic from Realistic Battles was drooped and its just one collection of tank shaped pixels against another so just get out there in your Animie skin and get blasting.

🤨 Mmh.

IS-4M vs Jumbo 76mm or Tiger I E.

Place your bets fellas.


not even a full uptier for the jumbo :)

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Unless im missing something, a full uptier for jumbo is 7.3.

IS-4M is 7.7.

Unless you uptier jumbo to 6.7 lineup it cant see it.