Challenger 3 MBT - Technical Data and Discussion

I for one am looking forward to the challenger 3 getting nerfed as it further removes my desire to ever play top tier ground (aside from lobbing PGMs in the tornado).

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Im not really sure what you’re thinking of…

The “production” Challenger 3

  • Has blowout panels
  • May or may not have slightly better mobility due to engine upgrades.
  • Has proper spall liners
  • Brand new composite armour (more effective).
  • Probably an additional 100-200mm KE on the UFP and turret cheeks, enough to stop most if not all rounds at top tier due to thicker and newer armour.
  • The Mantlet is probably still gonna be weak, but it might be less weak, all tanks have weak breaches in WT.
  • Active protection system.
  • Potentially better gun handling (turret traverse and gun elevation speed)

It’s a big survivability/armour upgrade over the other challies, the gun also allows for modern ammo (DM63,73) which doesn’t cook off when hit.

After all that, its still a prototype, we will likely see some changes in the future.

a man can dream

I should have clarified more with

In my head I was thinking of the lower plate spall liner but didn’t type that out. That’s on me.

@VatnikWrangler22 Im going to save all of your points to my hopium list and dream.

Saying probably and potentially is pure hopium. Do we really expect Gaijin to favor additions to NATO tanks? Of course not. How many tanks still are using the same composites after 30+ years that AT SOME POINT received more effective composites? Abrams and 2A7, those are only 2 I know.

Of course all tanks have weak mantlets, its going to be a natural weak spot.

problem being, with the remodel the CR2 mantlet should have upwards of 600mm of protection to the left and right of the gun. Simply based off the numbers in the game, 400 + 60 + 30 + 30(Volumetric 50mm-70mm) we are at 520mm of protection thats without factoring in angels and armour modifiers yet somehow we still only have 250mm of mantlet protection.

With all of that said, CR3 TD is using the pre-remodel mantlet design which is just a slab of 200mm with a 30mm cover. So unless we get evidence of the CR3 mantlet we are going to get the worse model.

I want the Challenger 3 to be good just as the next person, but Gaijin has show they are incapable of any leeway when it comes to NATO tanks that aren’t Sweden. I have absolutely 0 faith for the CR3 to bring anything slightly competitive to the British TT, I would love to be proven wrong and honestly hope I am but as it currently stands, I don’t have any faith.

That’s a inaccuracy/bug btw…

“Saying probably and potentially is pure hopium. Do we really expect Gaijin to favor additions to NATO tanks? Of course not. How many tanks still are using the same composites after 30+ years that AT SOME POINT received more effective composites? Abrams and 2A7, those are only 2 I know.”

I’m saying probably / potentially not out of hopium, but because we don’t know because the tank is a prototype and the specifications aren’t final yet.

Do I think the Challenger 3 is going to be the best tank in War Thunder? No, but its not just a sidegrade Challenger 2.

Its shares some of the same downsides as the other Challengers (Mantlet and speed mostly), but improves significantly in other areas.

Not just being able to just UFP the Challenger 3 essentially doubles the effective area covered by armour, its a huge buff.


Thats my very crude rendition of the Challenger 2’s “effective frontal armour” in red.


Thats my also very crude rendition of the Challenger 3 (The actual CR3 not the TD’s) effective frontal armour in red)

Those aren’t 100% accurate, but you get the point.

That’s going to make the tank a whole lot harder to kill, which means the armour is actually worth something.


Do you know for 100% that the CR3 has improved armour protection on the hull and turret?

If it has improved armour protection, the question becomes how much?

Since thats the important part for Gaijin. 1000 sources can say it has improved protection but unless there is a hard number for Gaijin, its not going to get any improved protection.

Looks like the Challenger 3’s LWS will be removed too.

oh great…

Well time for 3TD to 11.3 then

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The British Army infographic specifically states “enhanced armour” and “embedded special armour”

This infographic specifically states “enhanced turret and side protection” and “improved hull protection”, im not sure where its from, but its been posted by lots of credible sources.

So we know for sure the armour is better at least, then we can also look directly at the prototype.


You can clearly see the UFP is significantly thicker, probably at around 3-4 inches thicker, a significant amount.

Once again i apologise for my shitty diagrams but you get the point.

The turret is a bit harder to analyse, but its a brand new design with brand new armour, i think we can assume along with the other statements that its armour is improved.

Using the current composite armour modifier for the CR2 UFP (0.98 of RHA), if it has 3 inches added to the UFP the effective thickness (including angle) would be around 625mm (KE). However I think its a bit thicker than that, at the higher end of 5 inches the UFP would be around 705mm (KE) thick.

That dosen’t even take into account the new and probably more effective armour arrays.

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Yes…. You can literally see the ufp has additional armour of +50mm. It categorically uses a new composite too…

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Your diagrams have been great.

While I admit I am over-exaggerating my posts, Gaijin only accepts hard numbers on protection.

While yes, the graphics show that CR3 has improved protection. What does improved mean, it can mean a variety of different aspects of the armour. “Improved Protection” can mean a whole host of different improvements.

  • Lighter?
  • Thicker?
  • Different Material?
  • Different Array layout?

CR3 can have a new composite, but until a hard number can be found on its protection, all we are realistically going to get is a additional 50mm plate on the front.

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I just hope for the 3TD to get 5 seconds of reload time. It would be suitable for fighting in cities, because all the other CRs in the game have ammo at the back which leads to an OHKO as soon as you come across an enemy


Hey guys does the Challenger 3 have blowout pannels, and if so do You have any source or pic about it?

You know that isn’t happening.

Yeah… Then I hope the 2A7V and equivalents move to 12.3 and the 3TD stays put

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You also know this isn’t happening.

I don’t think we’ve had any clear shots of the roof yet? The images of the model shared earlier will probably be your best bet I think