Challenger 3 MBT - Technical Data and Discussion

How it feels to turn in any Challenger 2

Yep! This video was made before the CR2 mobility improvements.

Now, it is infinitely better! However, it still has issues, but these are no longer CR2-specific; they affect every MBT because it’s caused by the lack of regenerative steering indeed.


That was a 2 year old bug report I found that I DM’ed to a tech mod. I can’t beleive it took so long to get fixed

But why would Gaijin add regen steering. 🙃

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Out of curiousity would you mind making one of those but side by side with the ingame Tiger II (any variant whether it be the SLA.16 or the 105 if you have them)

We just need a super heavy russian tank to be added at top tier

Shouldn’t be too long before some Object ### w/ absurd mobility gets added and regen steering finally gets brought in.

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Spall liner?


Soviet tanks starting from the IS-1 series and onwards already featured regenerative steering.

By that logic we would’ve had it back in 2014 already.

I wish it was added back then but here we are 10 years later.

I see you made two bug reports for the horsepower being lowered to 1200hp, which is completely fair.

I’m confused however as to why one was rejected and one was acknowledged even though they use exactly the same source.

The mods denied one for not being a credible enough source, as you’d need for example a manual for this to be corrected as a primary source. This is kind of good as it means the horsepower will probably stay as 1500hp ingame for the time being.

I don’t think Gaijin is going to reduce the horsepower any time soon (touch wood), theres so much conflicting information about the engine power (some sources say 1500, 1350 or 1200, its all over the place). If they are going to change it I suspect it will be later on when we get a more concrete number for the horsepower, as after all the CR3 is still only a protoype.

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I didn’t make any reports on the Challenger’s engine but the one I linked has been acknowledged and uses a primary source, so it’s really just a matter of time. It could still be months though before Gaijin gets around to changing it but it will still likely affect any future variants of the Challenger 3.

If I was to hazard a guess. They wont touch the 3TD. Its barely worthy of being 11.7 as it is. With a major mobility nerf. It would need to go down to 11.3. And as this “tech demonstrator” was meant to showcase the bigger engine. I think its fine within the spirit of the tank.

But yes. The future Chally 3s. Unless its modeling a perticular prototype with an engine upgrade. Will likely use the same engine as the CR2s for now. But god knows when we’ll get our next MBT

TL;DR Future CR3 when it gets added is DOA.

Bad Aspects:

  • No 1500hp Engine
  • No Blow-out panel similar to Leos
  • DM53 reload
  • 65ish Tons
  • Same bad mobility
  • No regen steering
  • No composite upgrade
  • Still no proper Spall Liners
  • Mantlet will be old CR2 (Bad either way)

Good Aspects:

  • 700mm KE Turret Cheeks
  • DM53
  • APS?
  • Spall Liner back in turret since “ItS nO lOnGeR a TeCh DeMo”

So no worthy upgrade for Britain’s MBT and side grade a best.

But hey, lets keep adding subpar/mid MBTs that offer no incentive to play the British TT which makes Challenger players just free XP pinatas for the meta nations of Sweden/Russia/Germany.

Knowing WT, 3TD will bet getting 1200hp next week and staying at 11.7.

Its over boys going full on Doomer.


Production variant is supposed to have them.

Yeah, there is a virtually 0% chance of it not having them.

Honestly sometimes more fun to play than the cr2s in top tier

we’re lost. Reject modernity, ebmrace low tier.

Either we get some Canadian/Australian tanks or Britain as a nation will stay a punching bag for everyone at top tier.

Can you provide a link to the original source of these photos?

Real CR3 won’t be like this?

  • Turret Blow-Outs
  • 5S reload(probably)
  • Armour upgrades
  • Spall Liners
  • Hopefully improved mantlet.