Challenger 3 MBT - Technical Data and Discussion

Greatings there am Duckmartin, I am creating this thread for all things regarding the Challenger 3 MBT including technical date on the MBT , discussions relating to Challenger 3, picture’s of the MBT and anything else regarding the Challenger 3 MBT.

(Picture is of the Challenger 3 Technology Demonstrator)

(Challenger 3 MBT Specs)

(I will update this as I get information on the Challenger 3 MBT)

(Challenger 3 MBT Source’s)

(If any new information does comes available I will update this thread asap !!)

Also please do not share are uploaded any classified are restricted information to this thread thank you !!

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I think basically it is too early to discuss about this vehicle as not even prototype is made. It’s still on construction.

Even design of new turret is not finalized as Trohpy APS mounting on turret has just started testing.

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DSEI this week (Tuesday onward) so there should be some updated press material regarding Challenger 3 coming very soon.

Rafael published a video of their Challenger 3 Trophy APS test rig a few days ago

Suggests we may see a much thicker central section of the UFP on Challenger 3 compared to CR2 or the added armor shown there before

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Hopefully my Challenger 3 suggestion is accepted soon

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Like currently we only have pictures of the Challenger 3 Technology Demonstrator, but hopefully by the end of the year we will see the official challenger 3 prototype ??

That’s just a trophy mount test structure. It has no relevance to CR3 at all. The intial reveal if CR3 is the CR2LEP which is more or less a CR3 prototype. We haven’t even seen CR3 yet we don’t even know what it will look like as RBSL even said it will have a completely redesigned turret.

The added armour seen before is just a normal CR2 hull that add on armour can be found on the TES and other CR2 variants. We even bug reported it to gaijin a long time ago.