Challenger 3 MBT - Technical Data and Discussion

It wont happen base Cr2 ≠ Cr2 with a much better round

We can dream. Though if the base CR2 goes to 11.0…

If we get the 5 second reload we deserve then it would be an alright sidegrade to the Challengers we have. It’s called the TD for a reason. Tank Destroyer.

CR3 TD gets worse and future CR3 is already unplayable and slow.


I prefer the Challenger’s being slow, feels nice.

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The true chad opinion

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Yeah… 11.3 or reload buff. Needs one or the other

I actually don’t mind that limitation. I am a slower more cautious player anyway. I think I’ll always prefer the BN over the 2E.

But the lack of armour, firepower and mobility at 11.7 is rather unfair


When Top Tier is primarily dictated by speed and mobility, Challengers have no right being such bricks at their tier. Slow & Sniping don’t fit well at 11.7

Speed and Mobility are enablers. You get to good spots, catch slower tanks etc. You can’t do that in the Challengers.

Understandably Challengers are some of the heaviest MBTs, which is fine, but when I have the performance of a 7.7 heavy playing against XM-803/XM-1s. its not fine.

Compression issue? Partly.
Incorrect modeling? Partly.

Yeah, also doesn’t help that Gaijin HATES sniping spots and designs GRB to be explicitly for high mobility vehicles that like to brawl.

It would be fine if we had a ground EC or something where such tanks were good (like I can play the tornado or jaguar in ASB instead of ARB) but we just don’t


The two things that explain Britain perfectly.


What do you mean. We have the fox 🤣

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Fox best mbt


This is what is driving me nutz on the CR3. It could be 1350hp, idc really (59 kph top speed is the problem with it). I got my turret poped like 5 times today with this pile of shit. At first when I plated it I felt it is a Leo2A5 counterpart. But now I just can’t stand the longer reaload. poor ammo count and placement(no blowouts, insta kill on mantlet penetration)

The CR2E is the best tank in the british TT, closely followed by the Vic mk7.

BN is hella good, but spading it is a pain in the ass without LR/LWR and mobility upgrades.

2H/TES - didn’t bother researching

CR2 - I mean it’s alright


The 59kph wouldn’t be a problem IF AND ONLY IF any Challenger 2/3 could turn without coming to a complete fucking stop.



That is just painful to watch :(


This is all Gaijin needs to do to make the Challengers not bad.

Why. Why. Why. Why. Does. The. Mobility. Suck.


That video probably needs updating. i think thats before we got the partial fixes a while ago. Its a bit better now. But not as good as it should be


Yeah, there is still issues. I think thats the lack of regen steering.

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