Challenger 3 MBT - Technical Data and Discussion

why would they need to change the engine then? i mean the one on cr2 gives 1200hp.

and they tested it with tn54 allready.

I’m kinda dubious he knows what he’s talking about, as iirc the powerpack improvements are part of a separate programme from the challeger 3 programme. There’s a non zero chance he just didn’t see anything about engine upgrades in his CR3 docket.

They don’t need to as such, but it’s a more efficient engine with a better EMS - which is why it will “give more speed an agility” - the engine’s brains will be better at regulating heating, fuel injection and ignition timing to provide optimum power when needed. It’s also somewhat cheaper maintaining an engine with newer, current-production parts than it is sourcing bits that have become obsolete.

sry if im a bit sceptic of that better speed with a heavier tank.

leo 2a8 is sayd to receive a 1600hp uplift. if the cr3 will go on with 1200hp its gona be a very bad decision.

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That brochure is not for 9A, it was written in 2018 so it applies to engines up to 8A.

It mentions the “new common rail fuel system” which was one of the new features of the CV12-9A, so I’d say it is indeed talking about the CV12-9A.

The CV12-9A pre-dates Challenger 3 by quite some time. It was developed as part of the Challenger 2 HAAIP programme.


I remembered at the time that the engine was an unconfirmed modification of the 8A rather than the name CV12-9A.

Until 2021, it was called an improved version of 8A rather than CV12-9A.

The powerpack is still being upgraded, 9A is a new designation after all and will have improvements over the previous engine. I think the confusion and conflicting statements regarding the engine hp may imply that it was a desire to uprate the engine if possible, seems that this isn’t possible and like flame I’ve heard it is to do with cooling.

Why they didn’t include modifications to the hull for the Omani/Titan/Trojan style enlarged cooling is beyond me, seems like it would not be a large cost incurance in the grand scheme of the project to do so.

They 9a was supposed to squeeze 1320 or 1350 hp without the better cooling. Wonder where that went

It applies to no such XA spec of engine unfortunately.

Don’t think we are getting common rail, that was scrapped but was the original idea.

I recall a tweet by the Hussars that said the powerpack was being uprated to 1350 and listed the reason for no further increase as the cooling would require a redesign of the engine bay.

No hussars said 1500hp, Jon hawkes I think later said 1350hp due to cooling.

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The engine power has been reported and acknowledged

Hawkes said there was a possibility of uprating to ~1350 but that any program to do so was unfunded. The answer from the house of lords seems to confirm that it remains unfunded.

Just watch this bug report be fixed in a week but those that would actually buff the CR2 or CR3 remain acknowledged for the next 2 years


Ohh ffs

No surprise and expected, changes very little…

Glad I gave up trying to spade the CR3TD and went to the T80BVM instead.

Well, if it does get this nerf. I can add it to my 11.3 line-up